From September 16 to 21, Europe celebrates the Mobility Week in about 2.000 European town. Let’s discover more about the mobility week in Italy!

Music concerts on board trams, readings for children on the bus ride, treasure hunts cycling, group rides, lectures, tours … more than 60 events in Italy to promote respect for the environment in the movements, and encourage the sustainable modes of transport (walking, cycling, bus or metro, car-sharing, electrical cars).

Among the many events dedicated to sustainable travel these are the events not to miss in Italy:

– In Genoa, the treasure hunt on two wheels, Thursday, September 18 at 21.00, in Piazza della Meridiana.

– In Parma, concerts live music swing aboard tram, Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

– In Parma, for children, theater traveling on board the bus, freely inspired by the readings of José Saramago.

– In Turin, the Bike-Pride, the parade of bikes and ecological means that invades every year  the city of Turin and the beautiful park of Valentino (to know more about the Turin Bike Pride 2014)

– In Rome, the Car-sharing day, Wednesday, September 17, to make a point on this system of transport (it is estimated that in Italy the members are more than 200 thousand) and encourage its development.

– In Padua, the Dutch experience on cycling will be the starting point of a round table inside ExpoBici, Saturday, September 20 from 15:00.

Mobility week Tourin


Our streets, our choice

The Mobility Week, sponsored by the European Commission, aims to raise awareness of the impact of transport on air quality and encourage people to use alternative means to the private car.

The slogan of the week dedicated to the sustainable mobility of this year (16 to 22 September 2014) is Our streets, our choice.

This is to emphasize that the traffic, air quality, the use of urban spaces depend on the mobility choices we make every day.

In few words, if we want the most livable cities we need to start by choosing the right mobility!

Info: Read all the appointments of the European Mobility Week.



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