In Sardinia there is a forest where you can quietly walk with wild animals, while being surrounded by a diverse vegetation and an unspoilt nature. The Sette Fratelli forest, thanks to its mountains and breath-taking views, will lead you to a night excursion plenty of emotions!
  • Travelling time: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: Family
  • Why we love it: An excursion rich in surprises, wonderful sights and unexpected meetings... you will get to know the night animals living in the forest!
  • Length: 8 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 442 m
  • Way to travel: On foot or by bicycle
  • Cost: 0
  • Our Advice: Start your walk in the late afternoon and bring with you some food. This way you will enjoy both the forest and the botanic garden, because the sunlight of the day will let you see the wonderful colours of the flora and eat in the garden while admiring the sunset. During the night instead, you will be able to meet the animals that come out to search food in total tranquillity.

Night excursion through the Sette Fratelli forestNight excursion through the Sette Fratelli forest

Night excursion in the Sette Fratelli Forest in Sinnai (Cagliari, Sardinia)

The beginning of this wonderful night excursion is Monte Cresia Farmhouse. Here you can taste delicious local and traditional dishes, buy organic fruit and vegetables and stay overnight in a place where the calm and silence of the mountains will let you sleep even better.

Start your night walk following the path leading you into the Castiadas Sette Fratelli Oasis for the protection of the fauna, which is one of the greenest and most fascinating areas in Sardinia.

Discover corners of unique beauty among stones  designed by the flow of time, rivers, green valleys, canyons and spectacular gorges.

Pay attention during your walk, because you will easily see the little inhabitants of the forest: bunnies, wildcats, eagles, hawks, but also boars and deers.

Look at them while they are living their lives undisturbed, following their natural rhythms. A unique occasion to get to know these fantastic animals in their habitat.

Having walked half the way, you will be finally able to see some of the typical and magnificent grantite picks of the Sette Fratelli mountains, lit by the last rays of sunlight.

This adds to the magical atmosphere and the uniqueness of their appearance. Some of the picks you will see are Punta Su Baccu Malu, Casteddu de Su Dinai and Punta Sa Ceraxa.

Walk surrounded by the picks of Sette Fratelli forest: stones designed by the flow of time lit by the last rays of sunlight that dominate the unspoilt nature. Photo  by M. Stefania ContiniWalk surrounded by the picks of Sette Fratelli forest: stones designed by the flow of time and lit by the last rays of sunlight that dominate the unspoilt nature. Photo by M. Stefania Contini

Now you will reach Maidopis Valley and the enchanting area of the Botanic Garden, which is rich in biodiversity and endemisms.

Heather, myrtle, hares and wildcats (just to name some examples): flora and fauna show here a great variety of species. Being furnished with tables to let you relax and make the perfect break, wait here for the sunset.

Enjoy the spectacle of last rays of sun disappearing behind a landscape of unspoilt nature and let your sight catch all the red shades of the sunset.

In the meanwhile the night has come and together with the stars, also the animals make their appearance. They  wait indeed for the tranquillity of the night to come out and search food.

Close meeting with a fox. Photo by M. Stefania ContiniClose meeting with a fox. Photo by M. Stefania Contini

Reached the moment of ending this excursion, you will have to return walking along a wide dirt road, lighted up by your torch.

The itinerary is particularly perfect to end a typical day of summer: here it is cooler and the chance to meet the wild animals is really exciting!

Author: M. Stefania Contini

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