Rifugio in località Sa Corti

Strada vicinale di Monte Cresia - Località Sa Corti - 09048 Sinnai - Cagliari - Italy

Sa Corti is immersed in the heart of the Sette Fratelli Park. The characteristics of the Refuge are self-sustainability and a philosophy based on digital detox. A place that will make its guests live a unique experience in symbiosis with the nat ...

The structure, set in the forest of the Sette Fratelli Regional Park, is entirely self-sustainable, without WIFI and telephone network, a deliberate choice as it allows you to take "Digital Detox" holidays, that is, far from the digital pollution absorbed in the city .

To have the opportunity to experience an active digital detox holiday, we will offer you a list of experiences that will stimulate the 5 senses.

The refuge is an ancient mountain residence whose construction has distant origins (about 60 years ago), but has recently been architecturally restored thanks to the skilful intervention of its owners.

Initially used as a base for family mountain activities, it has now been used as a holiday home, but not just any holiday home!

The structure is divided into four apartments on two independent levels, but the apartment intended to host you is located on the ground floor and is ideal for two people.

The refuge is an open space with bathroom, bedroom, kitchen equipped with a wood-burning oven and a living area equipped with a wood-fueled stove capable of heating the entire room even during the coldest temperatures.

Wood and stone dominate the interior of the home, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere and making it completely integrated with the surrounding environment.

Last but not least, the external water tank located in the upper part of the refuge. On summer days it will allow you to admire a panoramic view of the southern part of the park in absolute relaxation. Available from June 15th to September 15th.

The refuge has a front garden from which it is possible to observe the landscape and come into direct contact with nature, while from the back of the house it is already possible to smell the scents of the forest as there is no separation with it.

The 5 Senses of Refuge. What you will find inside the house.

The 5 senses, such as sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste, can be stimulated inside the Refuge through actions that may seem obvious at first sight, but which unfortunately are gradually lost in everyday life.

Inside the refuge itself, we have put at your disposal a series of elements capable of stimulating your senses.

Books will be available to guests allowing them to read without distractions and interruptions (sight).

Your hearing will be pleasantly awakened by the scratching of an old vinyl record or a guitar for enthusiasts!

Having the kitchen at their disposal, guests will be able to prepare delicious candlelit dinners and will be able to purchase their own wine from a selection of native grapes to taste.

The organic vegetable garden, the orchard and the chestnut grove, depending on the seasons, will allow sowing and harvesting (tatto).

Throughout the refuge you will be surrounded by a Mediterranean essence perfectly in tune with the surrounding environment and you will find an olfactory journey for your sense of smell!

For the more romantic, the surrounding nature itself offers you everything you need to stimulate the 5 senses, from the chirping of birds, the rustling of the wind or the bellowing of the Sardinian deer for hearing, breathtaking panoramas for the sight, the scent of the Mediterranean scrub for the sense of smell, what the earth offers us for the taste, the consistency of the rocks and lichens for the touch!

The strength of these elements and the surrounding environment create a perfect combination to make your stay at the Refuge a regenerating holiday.

To have the opportunity to experience an active digital detox holiday, the refuge offers a range of experiences that will stimulate the 5 senses.
The following collaborations are currently available. For smell with Dessy Parfum, taste with Agriturismo Montecresia, sight with photographer Maurizio Olla, touch with ceramist Martino Cappai.

The experience with Lucia from Dessy Parfum will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a sense that is sometimes taken for granted: smell. The peace of the Sa Corti Refuge will allow you to have a deeper contact with what the smells of the place will communicate to you, but to connect even more deeply we offer you the opportunity to break down, essence by essence, the Mediterranean scrub that surrounds you. With Lucia you will talk about essences that you know but which will appear unknown to you, you will smell unexpected scents, you will explore the many facets of a single fragrance. After the experience in the world of essences, your excursion around the refuge will be a completely different discovery!

The experience with Agriturismo Monte Cresia will envelop multiple senses but the relevant one will be taste.
In this experience you will be accompanied and guided by Giorgio from the family-run Monte Cresia farm. Thanks to the knowledge of Giorgio, who has lived in these places since he was a child, you will be able to get to know the hidden and little-known spots of the Sette Fratelli Park, be the actors in a series of activities that take place in the company every day and taste the products that are made with a final snack.

The experience with the photographer Maurizio Olla will have sight as its sense of reference.
The activity will focus on biowatching or a new way of approaching nature, walking and looking everywhere, trying to observe and recognize the various forms of biodiversity, the different geological and morphological aspects, the fauna and flora. Maurizio, after a short lesson on using the camera (even a simple smartphone will be perfect) will help you capture the best details and views.

The experience with Martino Cappai aka Maru Yakimono, a ceramist of Sardinian origin but with a Japanese educational background, will give life to touch. The activity will be carried out in the refuge garden. Using the lathe you will create your work inspired by the surrounding nature. Martino will give you the opportunity to know and experience all the production phases first-hand.

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    • Supporting the local economy
    • Promoting "eco" activities
    • No single dose
    • Motion sensors lights
    • 100% renewable energy
    • Organic or Local Food
    • Car-free accessibility
    • Ecological cleaning products
    • More than 80% waste recycling
    • Energy saving lights
    • Green building
    • Solar thermal panels for hot water
    • Water flow reducers
    • Recovery & reuse of rainwater
    • Recycled paper
    • No disposable packaging
    • Towel change on request
    • Natural conditioning or class A air conditioning
    • Appliances in energy class A
    • High efficiency boiler > 90%
    • Environmental-friendly fornitures
    • Biodiversity of green areas
    • Guest Satisfaction
    • Digital Detox
    • Recycling or Second Hand Furniture


    • Kitchenette
    • Electric Vehicles Charging
    • Internet
    • Breakfast included
    • Organic garden
    • Bicycles
    • Ecotourism itineraries
    • Wellness center
    • Accessibility
    • Small pets allowed
    • Garden
    • Hairdryer
    • Barbecue
    • Parking
    • Reading room
    • Artisanal products for sale
    • Own entrance
    • Smoke-Free
    • Covid-19 Safety measures

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