Among snowy landscapes and breathtaking views, this itinerary will give you unforgettable moments in the heart of the Maira Valley
  • Travelling time: 4h
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Why we love it: Because here you'll discover the unique emotions that only snowy mountain knows how to give
  • Length: 9 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 686 m
  • Way to travel: snowshoes
  • Cost: 0 €
  • Our Advice: If you've never used snowshoes, this can be a perfect first outing!

We are in Maira Valley, unspoilt corner of Piedmont. The point of the itinerary is the Parish Church of Marmora, near which you can leave the car. We are at 1548m and we'll reach the 2156m altitude. We follow the signs to the trail #5 towards Grange Cross, in the wide snow-covered meadows that run behind the church; shortly after we reach a larch wood that will accompany us up to a plateau in the vicinity of Grange Cross..

Parish Church of Marmora
Starting point, photo via

We go left, entering the whitened larch wood where silence reigns. We continue until we reach the church of San Teodoro, at 1826m. Here appears the Monte Viso, who gave us a beautiful winter scene. We proceed to the right until we reach a dirt road. Turn left, go north, in a slight slope, crossing the western side of Costa Chiggia, through larch and fir. After another half-hour walk we out of the woods, on the slopes of Monte Buch, where we leave the dirt road, to the right. The trees are increasingly sparse, around us there is nothing but snow. We proceed to the right, we reach a saddle halfway between Mount Buch and Costa Chiggia, at an altitude of 2068m. We head south going up the last slope and in no time, we arrive to the summit of Costa Chiggia, after about 2 hours of walking with snowshoes. Here the view is extensive and amazing, we can see far to the south the peaks of the Tiber, Tempesta and Piovosa; to the West Oronaye, Sautron, Brec de Chambeyron, Cervet, Aiguille de Chambeyron and many other peaks.

The view from Costa Chiggia
The view from Costa Chiggia, photo via

Now we have to go back to Marmora, proceeding in our circular route. We proceed south towards the Grange Ciarme. We continue downhill to the right, reaching a second grange only to meet the dirt road that from Marmora climb up to Colle Intersile. Continue on this road until we rejoin the parish of Marmora. Reaching the summit of Chiggia Costa snowshoeing is easy and allows you to learn in an authentic and deep way the mountain, penetrating in its silence.

A few steps from the strating point of the itinerary, the Borgata Sagna Rotonda Albergo Diffuso invites you for a sustainable holiday in stunning scenery.

Albergo Diffuso Borgata Sagna Rotonda in Maira Valley, Piedmont
Albergo Diffuso Borgata Sagna Rotonda

Author: Chiara Marras

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