Endless vistas, lively and noisy beaches, unspoiled nature, timeless villages for a bivalent historic province divided into districts.
The Malatesta Fortress, located on top of the Colle Garampo and surrounded by the Park of Remembrance, is a fortress created to defend the city of Cesena; the present is the third fortification built not far from the ruins of the two previous late-Roman and medieval.
Photos of Hari Seldon Follow via Flickr
Malatesta Fortress in Cesena, photos of Hari Seldon Follow via Flickr

1. Best things to do in Forlì and Cesena

Endless vistas, lively and noisy beaches, unspoiled nature, timeless villages for a bivalent historic province divided into districts. 

If you love good food and nature, you have a particular interest in the Middle Ages and its history and do really want to have fun ... you are in the right place! 

On top of the other wonders you cannot help to see the Malatesta Fortress in Cesena: one of the most impressive in the Romagna, a meeting point of different paths and crossroads obliged to tourists and onlookers. 

Its name derives from the famous Malatesta who reigned over the city. 

Moving to Forlì, the recently opened Museum of San Domenico has given new life to culture with artistic and cultural programs... do not miss them! 

Do you want to run? Play beach volleyball or check your green knowledge? In Forlì, you can... In August Franco Urbano Park activities are varied and do not miss the food, with excellent piadina and fresh ice cream. A context almost unusual to think in the middle of a city: twenty-six acres of green covered with poplar, hawthorn flowers and roses!

The Savio valley from Mount Paderno
The Savio valley from Careste Mount


2. The Savio Valley and surroundings 

A green heart that beats. It is the heart of the Romagna region, rich in views and gentle slopes. Impossible to mention them all. 

We can just suggest Verghereto, in the valley of Savio, from gushing springs and mysterious forests, in the silence of the mountain you will find the pungent way to rejuvenate from the hectic life. 

Tramazzo lies in the valley of Tredington: an ancient village that depicts the course of a beautiful river. Great for walks and picnics. 

Rocca San Casciano is instead surrounded by woods and it is located in a strategic position for lovers of the Middle Ages and views quiet but lively. Borghi, a village on the ridge with a bivalent view towards the infinite blue of the sea and the bright green of the hills. 

Funny lovers of the sea must see Cesenatico and Gatteo, beach resorts always frequented by tourists from all over Europe. 

The Cappelletti are a type of pasta stuffed that you get cutting the sheet of pasta into squares or circles, the center of which is placed the filling; cappelletti are then cooked in beef stock, preferably chicken.Photo by Leonora Giovanazzi via Flickr
Cappelletti, photo by Leonora Giovanazzi via Flickr

3. Tastes and local Food 

In these areas the dairymen are especially hospitable: let’s try the delicious Fossa cheese. An italian delicacy, a unique taste that comes from a long maturation and controlled in deep cavities. The history of this cheese sinks in antiquity: the cheese was hidden and aged underground to hide it from enemy hands, along with the grain. This happened usually in the summer, when milk production was flourishing. The day of St. Catherine aged foods were excavated and tasted. 

It is in fact the anaerobic fermentation that give life to the most important organoleptic properties of this product. A delicacy to eat with Cappelletti and Passatelli, grated, or alone with honey, jam or balsamic vinegar

Do not forget piadina, healthy, fragrant and "Franciscan" in its composition, poor but exquisite, celebrated in a thousand sauces, from the plains to the hills ... to the coast and in many kiosks. 

Squacquerone, back to the cheese, is often eaten together with piadina, neutral, rustic but delicate, it is the ideal companion for a compelling mix of flavors... it melts in your mouth! 

The Bartolaccio is a typical tortelli stuffed with potatoes, bacon and cheese cooked on a plate: there is also a wonderful festival the first two Sundays in November of each year, where you can taste it in every shape! 

Remember the famous passatelli to taste in broth... in all seasons. 

In Forlì, you can enjoy a dinner with friends at Camporesi. A few dishes, but excellent and well-prepared foods and wine km0, you will really know what you eat! Beautiful garden in the middle of the country; various cheeses and jams and delicious desserts! 

The natural park of Savio is the perfect combination of tranquility and harmony with nature. You can have fun paddling with the canoe or along kilometers and kilometers of tracked trails.
Bird's-eye view of Potholes, photo by whitechristmas2014 via Flickr

4. Nature, sport and green itineraries 

Lovers of cycling and cycle tourism are welcomed. The undisputed star is the story. Traveling companion, tireless. You can start from the Fortress of Castrocaro to come across a bucolic and disarming boundary. The goal is to reach summit Rocca delle Caminate. 

You can also challenge yourselves in the canoe. The Park of the river Savio is the perfect natural setting to enjoy moments of pure tranquility, paddling like mad. 

Even Sarsina and Lake Fourth offer a nice tour: you get into the lake and then walking you can reach the Potholes, rocks shaped by the water in forms of rare beauty. 

Rocca delle Caminate, photo by Andrea via Flickr
Rocca delle Caminate, photo by Andrea via Flickr


5. Where to stay in the city and surrounding

Discover all ecofriendly accommodation in the province of Forlì-Cesena, surrounded by organic farms in the stinging silence of the mountain, the B&B and camping animated by typical effervescence and vibrancy of Romagna's people.

Discover all eco-friendly accommodations in Forlì-Cesena

Author: Angela Sebastianelli

Cover photo: Piazza del Popolo, Cesena (FC), photo by zioWoody via Flickr

Eco-friendly accommodations

La Fattoria dell'Autosufficienza

Forlì-Cesena (Emilia-Romagna)

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3 camere con vista monti

Province of Rimini (Emilia-Romagna)

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Casa Agricola Rossi in Casentino

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Casa Calénc apartments in Romagna

Forlì-Cesena (Emilia-Romagna)

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Az. Biologica Pedrosola

Province of Ravenna (RA)

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Borgo Basino

FC (Emilia-Romagna)

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Bioagriturismo Casale Camalda

Arezzo (Toscana)

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SassoErminia B&B Ecosostenibile

Rimini (Emilia-Romagna)

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B&B Podere Raggio

Forlì-Cesena (Emilia-Romagna)

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B&B inFratta

Forlì - Cesena (Emilia-Romagna)

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Nido d'Ape B&B

Forlì-Cesena (Emilia-Romagna)

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Appartamento nel Sangiovese

Forlì-Cesena (Emilia-Romagna)

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Al Vecchio Convento

Forli-Cesena (Emilia-Romagna)

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Rifugio immerso nel verde

Province of Forlì-Cesena (Emilia-Romagna)

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Brisighella GreenWellness

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