Cagliari overlooks the south coast of Sardinia on the Gulf of Angels.

It is animated and dynamic, with its Caribbean Poetto beach, with its colors and its golden sand; a corner of Italian paradise. Cagliari has been dominated by different populations. All of them have left their mark, a fortified building, a necropolis, a tower on the sea or a monument
The castle of Cagliari
The castle of Cagliari, photo by Antonio Trogu via Flickr

1. Best things to do in Cagliari

Best time to visit is certainly the summer, to enjoy the amazing sea and snorkeling.

Many other wonders are worth a visit. Constitution Square amazes with the symbol of the city: the "Castle". Not far from here you can find an amazing terrace to enjoy a breathtaking view on the famous Sella del Diavolo (promontory that rises to the south and divides the beach symbol of Cagliari, the Poetto, from Calamosca), the international port and most central districts.

Stop for a great breakfast at the Cafe De Candia, a must.

The famous Tower of the Elephant is open from Tuesday to Sunday: climb up to see its beauty.

Continuing the walk in Cagliari wonders you will find the Jewish Ghetto, which housed the Jewish community in the Middle Ages, now home of cultural events and conferences. Beautiful narrow streets, shops and small art studios.

Between the district enjoy the necropolis Tuvixeddu chosen by the Carthaginians to bury their dead, later adopted by the Romans. The necropolis is a real archaeological park and not only that, but a point of strong natural interest.

In the nearby botanical garden you will find two thousand species of plants and animals from around the world that will surprise you with some Roman ruins, including the majestic well.

Cagliari's beach,Poetto
Poetto beach, photo by Chris via Flickr

2. Quartu Sant'Elena and surroundings

Cagliari is the real Italian paradise for sea lovers: the most famous beach is that of Poetto, 8 km of white sand ranging from the promontory of the saddle of the devil to the coast of St. Helens. Among other beaches do not miss the beach of Cala Regina and that of Mari Pintau characterized by colorful water. And Solanas, Geremeas, Torre delle Stelle and Cala fighera. To feel like being dispersed in pristine Balearic Islands...

Not only beaches but also green tourism: do not miss the pond of Molentargius with pink flamingo, the Middle Flumendosa lake and Lake Mulargia, excavations of Roman Nora, the dolmen Arrubiu of Orroli and the lagoon of S. Gilla.

The feast of Sant'Efisio in Cagliari
The feast of Sant'Efisio, photo by Cristina Simone via Flickr

3. Nature, sport and green itineraries

Walk along the beaches in the area without haste, the first is Tuerredda, Chia and again after Villasimius, spearhead of Southern Sardinia. White sand and blue sea, pochestrutture equipped, ideal to try a little 'relaxation in contact with the four elements.

With public transport you can reach the village Nuraxi nuragic, “nuragiche” constructions dated around the fifteenth century. a. C.

I malloreddus o gnocchetti sardi
Malloreddus o Sardinian Gnocchi, foto di George Wesley & Bonita Dannells

4. Tastes and local food

In Cagliari, food is not simply delicious but also international. Many influences: especially Genoese and Catalan ones.

The local restaurants are concentrated in the area around Via Roma. Walk Sardinia way (district "Marina") and lose yourself in one of the many local area offers: buffet menu or gourmet specialty restaurants. Try the famous gnocchi Campidanese (with semolina and flavored with saffron, with tomato sauce, pecorino cheese and sausage into chunks), the spawning and the famous Sardinian suckling pig (excellent at Trattoria Gennargentu).

And yet: the cocciula and cozzas to schiscionera, a dish of clams and mussels prepared with olive oil, garlic, parsley and bread crumbs and the fish soup known cassola, with mullet roe, mullet, tuna and mullet.

For the picky eaters lobster campidanese and spicy fried fish with sweet and sour sauce called on scabbecciu.

Even pasta is really good: the three most famous recipes are malloreddus Sardinian gnocchi flavored with vegetables and saffron and impanadas, typical Catalan, stuffed with vegetables and meat.

About sweets: pardulas, cheese-based, the candelaus, with marzipan and a spicy orange flavor, the fried ravioli seadas covered with honey and cakes of raisins called pabassinas. In Cagliari there are plenty of wines: Nuragus, Nasco, Malvasia, Girò, the Monica and Moscato.

5. Where to stay in the city and surroundings

Discover Cagliari, the capital of the beautiful Sardinia, a truly unique: here live the beautiful landscapes, golden beaches, clear water and picturesque spots with architectural and artistic heritage is unrivaled. If you are looking for a destination that encompasses in itself culture and walks by the sea, then Cagliari is the city for you.


Discover all ecofriendly accomodations in Cagliari and surroundings


Author: Angela Sebastianelli

Cover photo by: Dubravka Franz, via Flickr

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