Brindisi reminds to us what Italy might be like once you get down to the heart of it all…
A lot of sea, love and green… you can get lost walking the streets for hours just admiring its beauty…

1. Best things to do in Brindisi (Apulia)

Brindisi is scattered with sights to explore and that means walking and lots of it. Streets and buildings that fill the town make stopping here worth it but if you need incentive then try Piazza Duomo, a great sight during the day or at night when lit by lights.

Do not forget local market. The market in Brindisi is located at the corner of Via Pace Brindisina and Via Santa Maria Ausiliatrice. There you’ll find fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood just waiting to be eaten.

Lastly stop in the mediterranean and not spend some time sitting by the water.

A short drive from the center of town lies a raft of beach stops but the best place to stop is Guna Beach. With an onsite bar, lounge chairs and a little slip of beach to splash about on it’s a fine way to spend an afternoon.

Ostuni, photo by Tarantino Vincenzo, via Flickr


2. Ostuni and surroundings

Seafood specialties in Latiano (Brindisi)
Seafood specialties in Latiano (Brindisi), photo by Tarantino Vincenzo, via Flickr


3. Tastes and local food

A good Italian meal? In Apulia seafood plays a big role in dining so while they have delicious pasta you couldn’t help but notice the abundance of dishes from the sea. Muscles, white fish, prawns. Pasta we said; the pasta lovers the Apulia region is the Orecchiette paradise. The name comes from the particular pasta shape which resembles the one of a small ear once cooked. They are served wth the famous souce made of vegetables. It wouldn’t be Italy without abundance of cheese, bread and other delicious dishes to enjoy.

Torre Guaceto oasis
Torre Guaceto oasis, photo by vannajo, via Flickr


4. Nature, sport and green itineraries

Spend a night or two in an ancient Masseria. Converted farm-houses that now caters to people looking to relax and enjoy the Apulia region. Little doorway to heaven, from which you can walk and have a lot of fun.

Seascape close to Brindisi
Seascape close to Brindisi, photo by Luca Traversa, via Flickr


5. Where to stay in the city and surrounding

Discover all eco-friendly accommodations in the province of Brindisi, organic farms surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, or small eco B&B set in white villages, beautiful ecofriendly apartaments overlooking the turquoise sea.

Discover all eco-friendly accommodations in Brindisi


by Angela Sebastianelli

Cover photo by ... via flickr

Eco-friendly accommodations

Mater Torre Guaceto

Brindisi (Apulia)

Starting from €80.00

Villa Luce Ecological B&B

Brindisi (Apulia)

Starting from €60.00

Agriturismo Masseria Bellolio

Brindisi (Puglia)

Starting from €100.00

La Stradella Casa Vacanze

Brindisi (Apulia)

Starting from €55.00

Agriturismo Salinola da Fabio&Paola

Brindisi (Apulia)

Starting from €88.00

B&B Vico del Sole

Lecce (Puglia)

Starting from €65.00

B&B Il gelso ospitalita' in Salento

Lecce (Apulia)

Starting from €90.00

Pangea e Panthálassa

Province of Lecce (Apulia)

Starting from €70.00

Secret Garden

Lecce (Apulia)

Starting from €95.00