Sustainability and Authenticity are this year’s growing travel trends and forecasts according to a recent survey

The travel world seems to be more and more oriented towards sustainability. Travelers are looking for authentic and eco-friendly experiences, and more than half of them prefer sustainable accomodation facilities, with a growing demand for contact with nature. This is not just a temporary trend, but an ever-changing lifestyle. According to a recent survey carried out worldwide by, involving 27.000 people from 33 different countries, the keywords for this year’s travels are authenticity and sustainability.

Hidden Gems and Sustainable Places

eco-friendly hotel Abruzzo
Diffuse eco-friendly hotel in Sextantio, Abruzzo

According to the research, travel fans prefer eco-friendly choices and platforms and Apps that reward them for their sustainable decisions.

Authenticity is essential, with a strong interest in meeting locals in less touristic places. 47% of travelers would like to explore areas off the beaten path and get in touch with locals.

Travel Forecasts

New Flavors and Food Origin

local food Greece
Organic and local food in Naxian Green Life, Greece

As regards to eno-gastronomic choices, 78% of travelers prefer to discover new flavors and unique gastronomic experiences. Many of them plan their travels according to the local gastronomy and want to know the origins of local dishes. 63% of travelers are interested in trying plant-based food, maybe even staying in a vegan accommodation facility.

Travel Forecasts

Some important data from the 2024 travel forecasts of show us how travelers are more and more interested in making responsible choices and paying attention to the ecosystem and the local community. For many people taking a holiday means discovering authentic places and delving into a different culture, even with food. What are your travel forecasts for this year?