How will be the tourism in the future? According to a recent report, more travelers will choose sustainability. Here are the 4 main eco trends!

How will be the tourism in the future? Will we travel on spaceships visiting faraway planets or will we finally take care of the safeguard of our Planet? According to a recent report realized by, in the future, more travelers will choose eco-sustainable trips! 

Sustainable Tourism’s Eco Trends

eco trend: tourists are looking for more contact with nature
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For the Hearth World Day’ s celebration, has published a report on sustainable travel, where they analyze the eco trends of the eco-friendly travelers. The best organization in online accommodation reservations has conducted research over a sample of 12.134 users of 12 different marketswho have traveled or are planning to do it during the last twelve months.

The result of the research shows how the trend of green travels is continuously improving. The majority of the travelers (87%) states to have the intent to try a sustainable trip, whereas 4 over 10 (39%)  always or often choose a sustainable trip. Unfortunately, despite the positive percentages, the study has revealed that 48% affirms to have never chosen sustainable travel.

Here’s the 4 eco trends of the research: 

1. Choosing Sustainable Accommodations

eco trend: Choosing green sustainable accommodations

The first step toward sustainability is to choose green accommodation. In fact, 46% of the interviewees connect the concept of sustainable tourism with the stay in eco-friendly accommodation. 

But which are the main reasons?  40% choose sustainable accommodation because it will help to reduce the negative impact on the environment, for the 34% it represents the opportunity to live an experience in contact with the local community, whereas 33% undertake this adventure to feel better for the ecological choice. 

And in the future? The number of travelers that would like to book their holiday in an eco-friendly accommodation is increased in rapport to 2017!

2. Environment and Natural Beauties first

 The most important reason that pushes travelers to undertake green travel is the safeguard of the environment and of the natural beauties.

54% of the interviewees normally choose this new form of tourism after having noticed the destructive impact of tourism over some natural places and the positive impact of sustainable tourism on the local population. Moreover,  60% have been guided by a safeguard intent of the natural beauties and just a small part feels guilty for the negative impact of his holidays. 

3. Spend a little more is not a problem if it’s for the Environment 

eco trend: It is not a problem to spend more, if it is for the environment

One of the obstacles for the development of sustainable tourism can be the higher prices of green travel respect to the more traditional. Actually, it is not always the case: two-thirds of the travelers are willing to pay or spend at least 5 % more to insure a smaller impact of their travel on the environment. In particular, the Indians, Brazilians, and the Chinese are the most conscious populations.

Moreover, sustainable traveling needs higher costs and more time to reach the destination, also limiting the number of visitable places. But this seems not to stop the eco-travelers from taking a backpack and start a new eco-sustainable adventure!

Finally, in some countries like India, China and Japan the biggest obstacle is the lack of clear information and certifications. Travelers do not even know how to organize a sustainable trip. And often it is the reason why they do not choose a green trip.

4. Living authentic experiences 

eco trend: Living authentic experiences
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Adopting new habits and living authentic experiences, following the philosophy of “live and act as a local” ( living like a local, instead of to live like a tourist) is a factor always more important for travelers. Coming out from the comfort zone to discover the different realities is one of the most important aspects of sustainable tourism. 

More than half of the interviewees prefer to buy local products instead of touristic souvenirs and to undertake an adventure over public transports rather than the comfortable taxi. Finally, 40% prefer to choose a restaurant with kilometer zero ingredients rather than have dinner in a touristic place. 

The future will bring us sustainable tourism, sensible to the environment and planet, the fine food and the local traditions. A new form of tourism that is continuously growing to let people reflect on the emergence of climate change. 

Cover image: photo by RODRIGO MTORRES via Unsplash