Tourism is always evolving and for all operators in the sector it is essential to know the new trends so as to anticipate the wishes of future customers and align their offer accordingly.
The beginning of the new decade has certainly shocked our world, but it has nevertheless confirmed our desire to travel, and the will to do it in a sustainable way.

But what are the sustainable tourism trends? How will tourists who want to save the world travel in the coming years? Let’s find out together!

1. Sustainability as a lifestyle

Sustainability is more and more important for tourists
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Sustainability is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle embraced by more and more people. We witness every day the consequences of man’s actions on the environment and we become increasingly aware that the only possibility to save our planet is to change, even in our way of experiencing tourism.
In 2030, tourists around the world will in fact be 1.8 billion every year and global emissions related to the sector are set to increase. According to a study by the University of Sydney, they will grow by 4% every year. This is also why more and more people want to travel green: if in 2016 62% of travelers wanted to stay in an eco-sustainable hotel, now it is 73% who want to do so (Sustainable Travel Report 2019).

2. More and more guests in electric cars

electric car
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In Norway 50% of cars are already electric and worldwide sales of electric vehicles continue to increase exponentially. As a result, travelers traveling with electric vehicles are also growing. And they are going to choose their destination also considering the presence of charging stations. It is a challenge and an opportunity for both localities and accommodation facilities.
By choosing to offer a recharging service for electric vehicles in your hotel, you can help to combat climate change, attract new customers thanks also to EVs maps, reach a target of aware travelers who are usually willing to spend more than the average tourists, take advantage of financing, increase the competitiveness of your accommodation and position yourself as an innovative company.

3. Slow tourism and Cycling tourism

Cycling tourism is one of the new tourism trends
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The watchword of the new tourism trends is: slow down. More and more travelers want to travel with slower means of transportation to reduce their environmental impact and to enjoy every moment of the trip. According to our recent survey, bikes that are available free for guests in the hotel they are more popular than the wellness center. Electric bikes have contributed to the success of cycling in recent years, making longer and more challenging trails accessible to all. In the coming years, tourists will prefer the accommodations that offer a reinforced breakfast, both sweet and savory, the possibility of recharging the batteries of the e-bikes, a small workshop for the repair and washing of bicycles and hosts available to advise and indicate itineraries in the surroundings .

4. Experiences, experiences, experiences!

Experiential tourism, a new tourism trend
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Travelers are no longer looking for tourist products, but authentic experiences that are hard to find elsewhere. Experiential tourism continues to assert itself and is destined to become an important trend in sustainable tourism. When we travel we want to be the protagonists of every moment. We we want to learn something new, to know the locals and their traditions. Tourists try to live unforgettable activities that involve all the senses. This also explains the success that the Alberghi Diffusi are having. It’s a type of hospitality that revives the abandoned villages in Italy. And your hotel sell rooms or experiences?

5. Digital Detox and immersion in nature

Digital Detox

We constantly use social media, the internet and never forget our phone at home. And now more and more people feel the need to detox from the web, at least on vacation. Digital Detox holiday is an ever growing tourism trend. Tourists want to experience some off-grid days, connected only with nature, trying experiences such as Forest Bathing“. There are indeed many studies that show that a few hours of immersion in the green are enough to recover your psycho-physical well-being.

Is your accommodation ready to host the travelers of the new decade?


Cover photo © Joshua Earle via Unsplash