We frequently receive requests from hosts seeking advice on how to enhance their visibility on Ecobnb, improve their listings, and increase their conversions. To address these needs, we’ve created this guide to highlight the most effective strategies for boosting conversions on Ecobnb and making your offerings more appealing.

Here are eight practical tips to help your accommodation stand out, attract more guests, and achieve better results on Ecobnb, Europe’s leading platform for sustainable tourism.

Improve conversions with Ecobnb

1. Update your Page’s Data on Ecobnb

The first step to improving conversions is to ensure that your Ecobnb accommodation page is updated with accurate and complete information. Keep the description, services provided, and conditions current at all times. A well-maintained listing conveys professionalism and reliability to potential guests.

Website on Ecobnb

How to update your web page on Ecobnb? Follow the instructions on this link.

2. Select flawless photos

Photographs are crucial in capturing customers’ interest. Upload high-quality images that showcase the beauty of your accommodation. Include pictures of the area and outdoor spaces, highlight special services, and emphasize the unique features of your property.

Hotel's web page

If you managed, after some advice, to create a beautiful photo shoot, we suggest sending to Ecobnb (info@ecobnb.com) via wetransfer some of the most beautiful photographs in high definition. These photos may be used for press releases and articles in magazines, increasing the visibility of your accommodation through media.

3. Highlight Slow Routes

Bike tour

Eco-travellers seek unique and memorable experiences that connect them with nature. These adventures can occur in the area surrounding your property and may include walking trails, bike or e-bike tours, canoe trips, riding routes, and more.

To enhance your facility’s visibility and attract interest from the Ecobnb community, we recommend highlighting the most beautiful slow itineraries near your property. These routes will be mapped in the “slow routes” section and featured on Ecobnb’s blog. This will not only offer greater visibility to your accommodation but also provide guests with valuable advice on exploring the area sustainably.

How can you suggest a route near your facility? Simply fill out the form!

4. Insert a Special Offer or a Green Initiative

Suggesting a special offer or a green initiative is a great way to highlight your hospitality on Ecobnb and to arouse guests’ curiosity. It can be a promotion for a longer stay, a discount for a low season stay, a set for a sustainable experience, or a gift for who books in advance, etc.

All the offers are published in the page of the special offers, and some of them also on the homepage. Promotions, like eco-friendly sets or free activities, can attract new guests and increase the visibility of your accommodation.

special offers on Ecobnb homepage
Special offers on Ecobnb homepage

How to publish a special offer? Follow our video tutorial.

5. Respond to Requests Effectively and Rapidly

Responding to requests promptly, ideally within 6 hours of receipt, not only increases the likelihood of securing bookings but also portrays you as professional and dedicated.

Ensure you reply to clients’ inquiries as quickly as possible, never exceeding 24 hours. Provide complete and detailed answers, including the total price, services included, and booking conditions.

If you have rooms available at different prices, indicate the total price of the cheapest room, specifying in the description which rooms are “superior” and their respective prices. Include the cost of extra services, any applicable tourist tax, and the cancellation terms in your communication.

Prompt and comprehensive communication demonstrates your professionalism, reassures guests, and can significantly influence their decision to book.

6. Request a Deposit to Confirm the Booking

Requesting a deposit to confirm a booking is an effective practice to avoid last-minute cancellations. Specify a deadline for the deposit payment and encourage prompt payment by offering a gift or a complimentary service for those who confirm within 24 hours.

deposit online

It is important to clearly explain to guests what will happen to the deposit in case of cancellation. Many facilities, for example, do not refund the deposit but allow the traveler to use it for rebooking a stay on a different date within a year.

Does Ecobnb handle payments? This is a frequent question we receive from hosts. Ecobnb does not handle payments, except for stays booked with a gift card or coupon. In these cases, the booking is marked with a colored box (green for gift cards and blue for coupons) and the confirmation message clearly displays the payment methods for gift cards and coupons from Ecobnb.

7. Request Reviews from Guests

Receiving reviews from guests is essential for improving the online reputation of your tourist activity. However, not every guest leaves reviews spontaneously.

Therefore, we suggest asking for reviews in a non-intrusive manner, for example, during moments of peak satisfaction for guests. Phrases such as: “Thank you for choosing our accommodation,” “I hope you are satisfied with your experience,” and “Would you like to share your opinion? It would be very important for me,” can help encourage guests to leave a review.

ask for reviews

When a guest compliments you, can respond with: “Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words. Would you like to share them with others? Feedback like this helps my hospitality grow.” This response not only expresses gratitude and strengthens your connection with the guest but also encourages them to leave a positive review.

You can showcase positive reviews on your website, social media, or blog to enhance the digital image of your accommodation.

After our guests’ stay, we automatically request them to leave a review of the accommodation on Ecobnb. Positive reviews increase the reliability and attractiveness of your accommodation. Client feedback provides valuable insights into the sustainability and overall experience offered by your hotel or B&B, and it can highlight areas for service improvement.

Responding to every review, both positive and negative, is essential. Replies to positive reviews reinforce the bond with the guest and offer opportunities to improve based on their suggestions. For negative reviews, the goal is not to resolve the disagreement (which should be handled before the guest’s departure) but to demonstrate your good faith and the quality of your services to potential guests. Avoid arrogance and accusations to prevent projecting a negative attitude that could deter future visitors.

8. Encourage Guests to Share Their Experience on Social Media

Content created by guests offers a significant visibility opportunity for accommodation facilities. Some hotels encourage guests to create content by offering incentives such as discounts or promotions. To promote stays in eco-friendly establishments like yours, Ecobnb has launched the contest Sustainable Travel Wins!

Contest "Sustainable Travel Wins"

Until September 30, 2024, you can encourage your guests to share their experiences on social media (Instagram or Facebook) using the tag #sustainabletravel and mentioning @Ecobnb. By doing so, guests will have a chance to win a gift card worth 150 euros for their next trip. This type of communication can increase your visibility and attract new clients.

In conclusion, these 8 simple tips can significantly improve your conversions and the visibility of your accommodation on Ecobnb. Maintaining a well-curated online presence, offering enticing promotions, and interacting effectively with guests are key strategies for success in the field of sustainable tourism. Good luck!