Rome, the eternal city, enchants and seduces with its charm anyone who enters its doors. Tourists, travellers and artists come from all over the world to appreciate the beauty of this timeless place. Its historical, cultural, architectural and religious heritage has contributed to the fact that tourism was and still is very prosperous. So what city to choose if not Rome to immerse into the past?

view of Rome
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The large cities, besides enjoying the benefits of tourism, have to support the burden of pollution that is a direct consequence of the large number of tourists. However, it is possible to enjoy an holiday in Rome in nature, in total peace and relaxation, in the suburbs and surrounding towns. You can do this by spending the night in one of the six accommodations that are not too far from the capital.

Let’s see them together…

1. Small refuge among citrus and olive trees

holiday in Rome in nature: Chez raz accomodation

Chez Raz is a B&B managed by an Italian-Scottish couple located in Velletri, on a hill among citrus and olive trees. Their commitment to the environment is demonstrated through daily actions: separate waste collection, organic shampoo, use of glass bottles to be filled with tap water, laundry washing with biodegradable detergents and provision of food and various products from a family business in Castelfiorentino. In addition, the owners are contributing to reforestation by planting native trees near their accommodation.

Do not miss: the Castelli Romani Regional Park with the peak of Monte Artimisio and the Lepini mountain chain with the peak of Monte Lupone, the lakes of Castel Gandolfo and Nemi, the beaches of Circeo, Sabaudia, and more southwards Sperlonga and Terracina.

Distance from Rome: 40 km

2. On the roman hills

Villa baiera accomodation

The enchanting Villa Baiera is located in Frascati, surrounded by panoramic views over the hills cultivated with olive trees and vineyards. You will have private parking and a large garden adorned with flowers, tall trees and olive trees. Furthermore, the holiday home is close to the metro C, station of Borghesiana and the Tor Vergata railway station. It is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.

Do not miss: Roman Castles

Distance from Rome: 30 km

3. Among thousands roses

holiday in Rome in nature: Casacocò accomodation

Casacocò is a splendid refuge in a natural environment. The park that surrounds the accomodation is rich of olive trees, oaks, laurels, camellias and wisteria plants, but above all three hundred roses chosen and nurtured by the owner of the house. You can choose between two residences: the Country House and the Ventosa. The first is a manor house with private access from the rose garden. In the morning, you can enjoy a sweet wake-up under the pergola of roses while savouring a homemade cake. While, the second is a farmhouse of the first half of the 19th century and still preserves its rustic appearance given by its stone portals, terracotta floors, wallpaper and antique furniture. You will appreciate its modern comforts and stunning landscape.

Do not miss: the Manziana Woods, the Stigliano Thermal Baths, the Canale Monterano Nature Reserve and Lake Bracciano.

Distance from rome: 50 km

4. At Castel Gandolfo on the lake

What could be better than a sustainable holiday with a lake view? This is possible in the historical centre of Castel Gandolfo, in the two eco-friendly flats with two large terraces with a view on Lake Albano. Imagine waking up and having breakfast tasting delicious local organic products and drinking a good coffee while enjoying the breathtaking view. What are you waiting for?

Do not miss: Roman Castles, Lake Albano, Castel Gandolfo.

Distance from Rome: 25 km

5. Immersed in the sounds of nature

Nerobuono B&B

In Giulianello, in the province of Latina, you will find the Nero Buono B&B. It is a traditional country house close to the small hill of Giulianello di Cori. This hill is dominated by vines and olive trees that characterise this corner of the Latium region. The B&B offers  peace and serenity that cannot be found in urban areas. Here you will have time to sip tea at the rhythm of the sounds of nature. The atmosphere you will breathe, warm and familiar, will make you feel at home. The double rooms with a view on the Lepini mountains, the comforts of home and the surrounding garden with the possibility of organising picnics in the shade of the olive trees, will allow you to completely enjoy your eco-friendly holiday.

Do not miss: the garden of Ninfa, the lake of Giulianello, the medieval town of Sermoneta and the Abbey of Valvisciolo, Castelli Romani

Distance from Rome: 45 km

6. On a historic estate not far from Rome

holiday in Rome in nature: Cofiorito Estate

The Colfiorito Estate stands in a location that was known by the ancient romans. Even today, you can still see evidence of their past presence thanks to vestiges such as Horace’s villa and the Claudian aqueduct. The estate is located in the town of Castel Madama. In this location a Roman villa was situated two thousand years ago.

Do not miss: the area in which the estate is located that begins near Tivoli and then opens into the Empolitana valley, which is also the area of the Monti Tiburtini.

Distance from Rome: 40 km

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