Discover why the Etruscan Coast is the best place for your next eco-friendly holiday. We give you 10 reasons to visit this beautiful and unique area in Tuscany!

The Etruscan Coast is a long narrow stretch of coastline along the coast of Tuscany that stretches from Livorno to Piombino. It includes a huge variety of natural areas and ancient Tuscan villages. As you have probably noticed it is named after the Etruscan civilisation. In fact, the Etruscan legacy stands out in many aspects of this place.

etruscan coast in tuscany
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The Etruscan Coast features lush nature and villages, bright colours, diverse beaches, and archaeological areas. And all of this makes this place one of the most fascinating and mysterious areas in Tuscany. From the most iconic views to the most hidden corners, this place will simply amaze you.

It does not matter if you love history, wine, or you are a fan of beach life or summer events. The Etruscan Coast presents many things to do and places to see that practically everyone will enjoy.

Discover the 10 most beautiful places and the reasons to head to the Etruscan Coast! So that you can plan your next eco-friendly holiday in this beautiful and unique area in Tuscany.

1. Stop in Suvereto, a Beautiful Gem Along the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany

suvereto in the etruscan coast in tuscany
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First, Suvereto is one of the most beautiful Medieval villages in the whole of Italy. Its name literally means ‘cork woods’. And you will find it in a beautiful green area that offers breath-taking panoramas and hidden magical corners.

suvereto city
Photo via Canva and Wikimedia Commons.

Also, it is one of the most ancient villages in Italy. In addition, thanks to the mild weather typical of Tuscany it is a great place to visit any time of the year. Get lost among the beautiful streets, alleyways and squares that wind through the city centre of Suvereto. And enjoy the beautiful buildings in the frame of the lush countryside of Maremma just a few steps away from the sea.

2. Visit Campiglia Marittima and its Medieval Castle

campiglia marittima in tuscany on the etruscan coast
Photo via Wikimedia

Then, Campiglia Marittima is the next beautiful Tuscan village you need to visit on the Etruscan Coast. It features a stunning medieval castle which represents the culture and traditions of this area. In addition, Campiglia Marittima hosts the summer Festival of Apritiborgo, a fantastic event rich in culinary specialities and various kinds of music and art shows.

3. San Vincenzo’s Most Beautiful Beaches for the Lovers of Beach life

Beaches in san vincenzo
Photos by Pierre Janineh via Flickr, Wikimedia and Canva

Moreover, in the area of San Vincenzo, you will find nearly 3km of beaches. Make sure you visit La Conchiglia, La Principessa and Dog Beach. These beaches are beautiful, and suitable for every preference or need. For example, Dog Beach is great for those who want to bring their dogs on a fun adventure on the seashore!

4. Oasi LIPU di Santa Luce for Those Who Love Flora and Fauna

oasi lipu santa luce
Photo by Andrea d’Angiolo via Flickr

The Oasi LIPU di Santa Luce is a stunning nature reserve nestled among fields in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. It includes a small lake that was created in the 60s as a reservoir against fires establishment companies along the coast. The oasis is home to over 150 registered species and it is an important resting area for migratory birds. Try to spot as many natural species as possible, if you truly love wildlife.

5. The Archaeological and Natural Areas of the Parks of the Val di Cornia

The Etruscan Coast also includes the archaeological and natural areas of the Park of Baratti and Populonia, the Coastal Parks of Rimigliano and the Sterpaia. All of these parks belong to the area of the Parks of the Val di Cornia.

park baratti and populonia
Park of Baratti and Populonia. Photo via Wikimedia and Canva

In particular, the beautiful archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia is located in Piombino and stretches for about 80 hectares between the slopes of the Piombino’s promontory and the Gulf of Baratti coast. In this park, the legacy of the Etruscan civilization mixes with the natural surroundings and creates a uniquely beautiful place that those who love history and ancient cultures will truly enjoy. It includes several areas from the ancient Etruscan city of Populonia. In addition, you will also find an experimental archaeological laboratory.

Some of the proposed routes include:

  • The Necropolis of San Cerbone, including tombs from the 7th-6th C BC;
  • The ‘Via Delle Cave’ and ‘Via Del Ferro’;
  • And several nature trails

6. Visit San Silvestro Archaeological Mines Park

ghost town of rocca san silvestro in tuscany
Rocca San Silvestro. Photo via Wikimedia

San Silvestro is well known for its museums and mining tunnels right in the heart of Val di Cornia. It covers about 450 hectares and features unique examples of mining and metallurgical developments, from the Etruscan era to modern times. You will also find an ancient medieval village of miners, Rocca San Silvestro, which is today known as a ‘ghost town’. A former village of miners and smiths is now one of the most mysterious and fascinating places on the Etruscan Coast.

train in san silvestro mine
Photo via Wikimedia

Take part in one of the visits to the Miniera del Temperino mine, a fascinating tunnel where visitors will discover several rocks and minerals and listen to the stories of the ancient miners. Take the mining train which crosses the Lanzi-Temperino tunnel. You will simply be amazed by the colours and shapes of the minerals in this beautiful underground world.

7. Head to Bolgheri: Where Wine and History Combine

In addition to the beautiful beaches, crystalline waters, archaeological sites and stunning villages, the Etruscan Coast offers also a precious village famous for its enological tradition and history. I am talking about Borgheri, between Cecina and San Vincenzo. Its iconic Cypress Avenue, Viale dei Cipressi, is the perfect spot for the ultimate holiday picture: it is a stunning 5km straight avenue which is bordered by cypresses from which you can also see the Castle of Bolgheri.

bolgheri views in tuscany
Photo via Canva

This village seems a fairy-tale one. Also, take your time to fully enjoy the magical atmosphere of the old historical centre, wine shops and pubs. In fact, this land produces also some of the most excellent and prestigious wines. Just think of the Supertuscan Sassicaia, Bolgheri Superiore, Bolgheri Rosso, Vermentino Bolgheri and Bolgheri Bianco among others.

8. Blue Nights in Tuscany, the Perfect Event for the Etruscan Coast Summer Visitors

piombino blue night
Piombino by night. Photo via Wikimedia

If you want to take part in one of the most interesting events on the Etruscan Coast, make sure you travel there in June. In fact, the main cities of this area celebrate the arrival of Summer with the special Blue Night Event. You will find parties, concert shows…and also several cultural and gastronomic events. You cannot miss it!

9. Enjoy the Panoramic Terrace in Livorno

mascagni terrace on the etruscan coast in tuscany
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Make sure you visit Terrazza Mascagni, a beautiful panoramic terrace overlooking the sea in Livorno. It is now an area of 8,700 square metres comprising almost 34,000 black and white tiles.

Mascagni terrace sunset
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This pattern mixes perfectly with the natural surroundings and the seascape, creating an unforgettable and unique style. Also, don’t forget to take a picture as the perfect souvenir from your holiday in Tuscany and on the Etruscan Coast. Choose the sunset for a truly magical one!

10. Eco-friendly Accommodations in the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany

Finally, choose to sleep green during your holiday in Tuscany. For example, choose the beautiful organic farm and eco-glamping Fattoria La Prugnola, in Montescudaio. Its location is the most traditional Tuscan countryside, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Etruscan Coast. Moreover, you will have the chance to choose the accommodation experience which best suits your preferences. In particular, you will find a treehouse and a yurta. And even some beautiful eco-sustainable flats!

fattoria la prugnola on the etruscan coast in tuscany
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Which is your reason for visiting the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany? Decide which activities and places you prefer. And plan your next eco-friendly holiday in this beautiful place. Enjoy the most popular areas and the most hidden corners this area is home to, and don’t forget to take pictures!

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