In the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by nature and vineyards, Vegan Agrivilla I Pini is an organic farmhouse close to the ancient village of San Gimignano. Completely committed to the environmental cause, this place offers an eco-friendly experience with delicious organic and vegan cuisine.

Here you can enjoy peace far from the chaotic city, in contact with the natural environment. You can find calm and tranquility by immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the place, full of trees and plants to make you feel like a whole with nature. You can enjoy organic food, from the garden to the table, and find out that vegan cuisine is very tasty!

We interviewed the owners to learn more about how this magical place was born and what experiences it offers. Here’s what they told us…

The Story of a Sustainable Farmhouse

agrivilla i pini

How was Agrivilla I Pini born?

It is a historic farmhouse from the 15th century in San Gimignano, Tuscany. In 2016, the owners, who follow a sustainable, plant-based, and healthy lifestyle, questioned the sense of traditional hospitality for guests, the environment, and the hosts. The answer led to the complete restructuring of the farmhouse with only natural materials in 2017/2018, to the introduction of vegan cuisine and slow travel.

agrivilla i pini

What sustainable practices have you adopted?

  • Restructuring with only natural materials with a mixture of clay, hemp, and rice husk
  • Organic and vegan seed to table Cuisine
  • High quality, handmade items: refurbished vintage furniture, terracotta tiles, hand-sewn linens
  • Natural and veganic Agriculture
  • No-till farming
  • Work according to the cycles of the seasons and the moon
  • HORTUS quality seal, which reflects our values towards protecting the integrity of our natural environment and culture. In all that we do, we prioritize products, services, and experiences that are sustainable, seasonal, organic, vegan, and handmade.
  • Variety of medicinal herbs in our Edible Garden
  • 100% Renewable Energy – a firm NO to nuclear energy
  • Ecological cleaning products
  • Zero-Waste approach
  • Solar thermal panels for hot water
  • Recovery & reuse of rainwater
  • Support and work with local communities

organic cuisine

What vegan specialties do you offer your guests?

Fully organic and vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lunch bags for the day out, teatime with wild I Pini herbs and delicious cakes (often raw) in the afternoon, romantic pick-nick in the olive grove for honeymooners.

This is what one of our vegan dinners looks like:

  • Carrot spread with plum heart and millet crackers
  • Roasted melon with smoked nut cheese
  • Fresh garden-veggie-composition (some cooked, others fermented) with baked chickpeas on a tomato coulis accompanied by our ancient grain rosemary focaccia
  • Lavender crumble served with rice cream and lemon zest
vegan specialty at agrivilla i pini, san gimignano
Vegan specialty from the menu

What are the unmissable slow routes in the surroundings?

There are many places to visit around Agrivilla I Pini. If you love nature and slow travel, you can’t miss:

  • Walking the Pilgrim’s path, the Via Francigena
  • The Castelvecchio Nature Reserve for hiking and biking
surrounding locations
San Gimignano, The Via Francigena and the Castelvecchio Nature Reserve, photo by Wikimedia and Canva Pro

What does it mean for you to be part of Ecobnb?

Be part of an Eco-Community that focuses on authentic places, sustainable living, and nature in order to change the way of travelling and lead to slow tourism.

agrivilla i pini

The Agrivilla I Pini is the perfect place to experience an eco-friendly vacation!

Learn more and book your stay here

Cover Image: photo by @journalofajetsetter

Author: Chiara Scarinzi

Hi! I’m Chiara, I come from Benevento and I study Modern Languages for Tourist and Business Intermediation at the University of Trento. I enjoy listening to music and watching movies, but most of all I love travelling and getting to know new destinations and cultures, it’s a way to grow and to open your mind. For this, I think it’s important to take care of the environment: it’s a precious good for our growth.
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