At Agriturismo Sant’Egle, sustainability is not just a word, but a lifestyle and a mission. Experience a unique and zero-impact holiday in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma.

Nowadays, we are so constantly pelted with words such as “sustainability”, “eco-friendly”, “biological” that sometimes we struggle to identify products, services, and accommodations that are concretely committed to respecting the environment and safeguarding our planet. Bio-Agriturismo Sant’Egle in Sorano, in the province of Grosseto and in the heart of the Maremma, is an example of an accommodation facility where the values of sustainability are not simply praised, but also put into practice with care, commitment and dedication. The awards assigned to this agritourism make it a record-breaking facility.

Where all started…

Erika and Alessandro, husband and wife, inaugurated it in 2010. Tired of the chaotic city life of Florence, they decided to move to the countryside and give life to an accommodation facility that reflected all their interest and commitment to respecting the environment. Their aim was also to give accommodation to all those who see holidays as an opportunity to stay in contact with nature not only to rediscover themselves but also to reiterate the importance of taking action personally for the protection of our Planet.

Agritourism room

Agriturismo Sant’Egle, which is not an agritourism like the others, was born from this strong will. It is in fact a zero-impact facility. The WWF awarded it as the best agritourism in Italy for sustainability and biodiversity conservation. Another important recognition must be added, the one of TripAdvisor which certified the Sant’Egle with the Platinum certification and the Eco-leader mark.

The history of this place is also fascinating and has a lot to tell. The building that houses Sant’Egle agritourism is in fact a former historic residence. Dating back to the 1600s, it served as papal customs. The wayfarers who moved between the Papal State and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany made a stop in this place in search of refreshment. The building was renovated using bio-building techniques to enhance its beauty without compromising its magnificent history and the surrounding area.

Agritourism room with fireplace and stones

Now, let’s Erika and Alessandro speak to find out more about their dream come true.

How was Bio-Agriturismo Sant’Egle born?

From a need for a change of life. It was important for us to live in an unpolluted place, away from major communication routes and sources of pollution. The project was very clear in our mind: to create a place where to live with the least possible environmental impact.

Agritourism with tree flowers

Which green attentions have you adopted?

• We have decided to minimize the purchase of packaged products, meticulously carrying out waste recycling and inviting our guests to do so, too. We use composting to fertilize the organic garden, flowers and plants.

• As for energy, our photovoltaic panels allow us to fully meet the needs of our building. The lighting is totally LED and equipped with timers to save energy. In addition, all our appliances are certified A ++ class.

• We obtain hot water through a condensing boiler and a solar thermal. To save as much water as possible we have installed a flow reducer on each tap. We sensitize personal customers to a conscientious use of this precious resource. We also collect rainwater to irrigate the park.

• The products for cleaning and washing linen are only and exclusively 100% biodegradable. In this regard, we carry out linen changes only on request.

• As for breakfast and catering, we only use local organic products. We buy what we don’t produce from other organic farms in the area. Products seasonality is very important to us.

Room Bathroom

You are an exemplary case of eco-sustainable hospitality in Italy. What “innovations” and interventions do you think were most important to differentiate your hospitality and be successful in the field of sustainable tourism?

In addition to the measures already mentioned, we have developed innovations not only to be more competitive but also to allow our guests to experience a 360 ° experience in contact with nature.

• Sustainable means of transport: our guests can recharge their electric car for free. They can also benefit from the e-bikes rental. To fully enjoy the potential that our territory offers, we provide maps, GPS tracks and plans that can be downloaded and consulted offline. This is to allow our guests to set out to discover the places surrounding the facility, such as nature trails, river routes, cycle paths, …

• Glamping: for a holiday even more in contact with nature, we have installed some luxury tents inside our park. The tents are built with certified woods from sustainable forests, painted using natural pigments, illuminated and heated by the sun.

Luxury Tent surrounded by trees

• Bio pool: in such an agritourism a bio pool could certainly not miss. It is a pond-shaped pool built with natural stones and resin characterized by a filter that transforms the salt into natural chlorine. Natural materials ensure that the pool blends harmoniously with the surrounding area. While relaxing in the pool, you can observe the many species of birds and insects present in the park.

Little pool surrounded by nature

But it is not all…

• Hot tub: after a day of sport, immerse yourself and relax in this wooden barrel filled with water, perhaps sipping a glass of delicious local wine.

• Sport and wellness: we have thought of a holistic space and outdoor platforms to allow our guests to comfortably dedicate themselves to physical and spiritual activity.

Woman practicing yoga

• Organic crops: in this structure, there is organic cultivation of spirulina algae, but not only. In fact, every year we collect 1 kg of pure saffron which has been catalogued as first category. This means that it is rich in properties.

• The art of recycling: inside the park it is possible to visit a real open-air museum. Here, you can admire sculptures and works made with objects found during woods cleaning.

Little pool

What do your guests appreciate most?

Our guests love details, attention to the environment and our consistency in respecting it. They appreciate silence, our hospitality, the landscape, and the territory in their entirety: clean air, wild animals sound, sunsets. They like the idea of rediscovering genuine flavours thanks to the healthy but tasty food offered. In addition to the environment, they love to take care of themselves by being in contact with nature. For example, by walking barefoot on the grass, doing yoga with a breath-taking view. They appreciate the quality of sleep on our natural mattresses, our body products in the courtesy kits.

Garden with seats

What are the green itineraries people should not miss near Sant’Egle?

Nature surrounds us. Moreover, from here it is possible to walk or bike to the sea without ever touching the asphalt. It would also be possible to cross Italy and reach Ancona. Nearby, there is Lake Mezzano, Lake Bolsena, Lamone Park, and Uccellina Park. And then, 4 WWF oases, Mount Labbro, Mount Amiata. You can explore unpolluted woods and admire crystal clear rivers.

Tuscan Maremma with sunflowers
Tuscan Maremma, photo by Giovanni via Flickr

Otherwise, you can take a plunge into the natural thermal baths of Saturnia.

Saturnia Natural Thermal Baths
Photo by Michael Baccin on Unsplash

What does be part of Ecobnb mean to you?

Being on a portal that has selected real green realities. I can say it because I have been on vacation in many of them; I am VERY demanding in terms of consistency.

Coloured Room

Agriturismo Sant’Egle is waiting for you to open its doors to you and show you what it really means to be a sustainable and coherent facility. Are you ready to pack your bags?

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