Are you planning a green holiday in Tuscany? Discover the 5 best things to do in the tuff city of Sorano.

green holiday in sorano
Sorano. Photo via Canva

Sorano is a small but fascinating Tuscan ‘borgo’ in the province of Grosseto. The legacy of the Etruscan civilisation stands out in several aspects which make this city simply unique. Sorano is literally carved out of rock, creating a beautiful combination of natural landscapes, castles and streets which will amaze both local and foreign visitors. Sorano is also the perfect place for a green holiday: discover the best eco-friendly tips to visit this beautiful tuff city in Tuscany!

1. Take a Stroll in the Very Heart of Sorano and Visit the Fortezza Orsini

Orsini Fortress in Sorano
Orsini Fortress. Photo via Wikimedia

Strolling around on foot is simply the most eco-friendly way to visit the very heart of Sorano. The atmosphere of this ‘borgo’ will simply amaze you. And especially when you witness the beautiful Fortezza Orsini, the stunning Fortress of Sorano.

Although Sorano has Etruscan roots, its Medieval historic centre and the Orsini Fortress characterise it, representing a perfect example of Renaissance military architecture.

sorano orsini fotress
Photo via Wikimedia.

This architectural beauty dates back to the XII century and houses today the Civic and Archaeological Museum of Sorano. The Orsini Fortress seems to emerge from the tuff too: it integrates perfectly to the surrounding natural environment. This harmonious combination gives rise to a truly breathtaking landscape, which will make your green holiday in Sorano simply unforgettable.

2. Visit Sorano’s Vie Cave in Your Green Holiday: the Excavated Etruscan Roads

After strolling around the town and having witnessed its amazing architecture it is quite hard to imagine that Sorano could surprise you with anything more. But it will, and especially when you visit The Vie Cave.

These are ancient Etruscan roads excavated in the tuff which reach up to 25 meters in depth. It is still not clear which was the original use of this engineering work. Yet, they are some of the most stunning and mysterious places to visit in Sorano.

vie cave for your green holiday in tuscany
Photo by Valentina Ceccatelli via Flickr

Strolling along these routes by foot is just magical. In fact, you will have the feeling of being one of the characters of an ancient legend or Etruscan myth. Dizzy walls, mysterious engravings and glittering light effects will make your eco-friendly experience simply unique.

3. Reach by Foot Montorio Castle: the Most Eco-friendly Way to Visit the Medieval Homonymous ‘borgo’

The Montorio Castle seems today a fortified farmhouse. It features an ‘L’ structure with a tower at its top. The tuff walls are simply amazing, and preserve the medieval essence of the castle despite the subsequent renovations.

Castello di Montorio
Photo via Canva

In addition, it includes a wide natural territory where pheasants and other animals are bred and a picturesque church with fine paintings. If you love green areas and art, this is the perfect place for you.

4. Sleep Green in Sorano choosing an Organic Resort and Glamping

Are you looking for eco-friendly accommodation in Maremma? Choose the beautiful eco-friendly organic resort and glamping Sant’Egle in Sorano.

You will find Sant’Egle in an ancient building from the ‘600. One of its most striking characteristics is that every room features original works of art made with re-using materials. This is the perfect place if you are looking for a zero waste but luxury holiday. And the respect for biodiversity is the order of the day, as well as a fantastic organic/biodynamic breakfast.

Green holiday in Sorano, Sant'Egle
Photo via Canva

In addition, if you are a yoga fan, you could take part in one of the retreats of the new holistic space in the green building. And if you are a summer visitor, you will even have the chance to watch a movie in the outdoor cinema – or chill out in the natural saltwater swimming pool.

5. Travel the Ancient Via Gran Ducale: by Bike, by Foot or on Horseback

Via Gran Ducale is the perfect spot for those who love nature and history. It was originally the road that connected the Papal States to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. This is an easy route to be travelled by bike, by foot or on horseback. It measures 10km, and it takes about 4 hours to complete. Also, you could travel there any season of the year.

Vitozza the disappeared city in sorano
The Ruins of Vitozza Castle. Photo via Wikimedia

You will feel like walking in an open-air museum which features artefacts and remainings of buildings ranging from the prehistoric era to the Middle-ages. First, start from the organic farm Sant’Egle, and follow the beautiful promenade which is home to several animal species and centuries-old oaks. Along the way, you will meet many interesting places, such as the small village of San Quirico di Sorano and Vitozza, the disappeared city.

lente river
Photo via Wikimedia.

You will also have the chance to enter an enchanted forest that features underground dwellings, Etruscan tombs, 2 Roman castles and an ancient Etruscan pigeon house. Finally, follow the small Via Cava and reach the river Lente, where you will be amazed by the stunning biodiversity characterising this area.

sorano streets
Photo via Canva.

What activity would you choose to make your holiday in Sorano as green as possible? Plan your next eco-friendly holiday in the very heart of Tuscany, in this beautiful and unique tuff city in Maremma.

Featured image by Steven dosRemedios via Flickr

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