It has been about one year since the COVID-19 pandemic has started. As we sadly know, it affected in many ways countries all over the world. Also tourism, as a whole economic branch, is one of the most damaged. Experience Hotel Blog collected, summarized, and analyzed more than 2000 answers to some questions about the current crisis, from 345 European Hotels. Let’s see what came out.

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Advice No. 1: Where to find customers?

The first question was about what hurt the business the most during this pandemic. Hoteliers’ answer was, of course, the lack of customers due to closed borders and confinement. Dealing with borders closure bought tourists and travelers to visit hotels and facilities of their own area. That’s why positive communication has been so crucial to attract local guests. Secondly, hotels with a strong, loyal guest-base have managed to survive this tough situation.

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Advice No. 2: It is important to invest in marketing

Many hoteliers believe that they would invest money in renovation if they could. Although maintenance is essential to keep your facility fresh and appealing, it will not bring new customers. What can raise your income and therefore is a better investment to do in this situation, is marketing. Attracting new customers is fundamental to bring in money that can be immediately re-invested, creating a virtuous cycle for the hotel.

positive communication during crisis
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Advice No. 3: Obtain government aid and avoid lowering the prices

In the direction of saving and investing,  the hoteliers have a very powerful message. The crisis everyone is living in is real and should not be neglected. They suggest every facility should adapt to COVID-19 protocols. If possible, try to obtain government aid and avoid lowering prices. With these resources, it possible to spread your image to a wider audience of consumers.

In conclusion, tourism and hoteliers have had a rough time and it will not be easy to restart. To face the crisis it is crucial to be positive and to create a new network of consumers. A lot of people is still dreaming to travel, so let’s offer them some experience they will not easily forget!

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