Philip Kotler is considered by many the father of modern marketing. He was the first to approach the scientific method to the field of study, thus proceeding to the structuring of marketing as a real scientific discipline. Professor, writer and economist, Kotler has published more than 55 books and numerous articles, also dealing with the marketing of tourism and hospitality.


Here are some of his tips for all hospitality operators.

Be different

Year after year the competition in the world of tourism grows exponentially. To emerge you must clearly communicate your elements of differentiation. The goal of your marketing techniques must be to create the so-called “wow effect“.

Marketing that bring your customers closer

Philip Kotler places the human relationship with the guest at the center of tourism marketing. It is no longer just the final consumer, but someone with whom to establish a friendship. This is what lovemarks do, those brands capable of generating a sense of loyalty that goes beyond rationality, thanks to an emotional bond.

Know the market

market analysis

Kotler advises hosts to analyze, study and collect information to fully understand the context in which they operate. Flows, competitors, target markets: everything must be well defined before you can specify your strategy and your “value proposition“.

Glocal marketing

Marketing must always be glocal. But what does it mean? Your hotel should have a global look, calibrating the universally valid strategies at local level, declining them to your own characteristics and using them in the concrete of your business.

Social media

Social Media and Marketing

No accommodation facility can afford nowadays not to be present online. But Philip Kotler specifies that you need to be professional when you promote your tourist offer in social networks. It is therefore necessary to hire someone skilled to take care of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feed correctly.