If you are thinking of freshening up your existing space in an environment-friendly way or exploring ideas for decorating your new home without harming the environment, don’t fret anymore. Contrary to popular beliefs, eco-friendly home décor is not very expensive, strange-looking, or difficult to maintain. There are hundreds of options out there to upgrade your home, renovate it and make it beautiful without spending too much money or making use of unnecessary energy, water or natural resources. It is up to you to make the choice.

We have come up with a list of top six tips for green home decorating ideas that are easy, affordable and at the same time, less harmful for the environment. Have a look!

Recycle Your Junk into Something New

With ‘reuse, reduce and recycle’ being the watchwords of eco-friendly living, it’s no surprise that this tip tops our list of green home decorating ideas. Instead of buying new home décor items, restore your old furniture, recycle or try finding new uses for your old stuff.

For example, old baby-food jars or Mason jars can be turned into cute planters for your herbs, vases or holders for colored pebbles. Old shirts that you can’t bring yourself to throw into the dustbin can be fashioned into cozy cushion covers while old sheets can make excellent curtains.

An old wooden rocker can be painted bright yellow to add life and color to your dull porch. An old sofa that you were thinking of replacing can be given a new lease of life through recycled slipcovers or upholstery made of recycled wool. If you are interested in a DIY reupholstering project, have a look at this article before you start.

A vintage trunk lying unused in a corner can be used as a trendy coffee table.

A bookcase that you no longer want in your living room can be moved to a study or your garage where it can be still used to store supplies.

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Buy Stuff Made of Recycled, Recyclable or Sustainable Materials

Choose sustainable materials such as bamboo, cork or linoleum when it comes to flooring. Furniture made of rattan, bamboo or sustainable wood make for great choices. You can also opt for sheets made of hemp, dinnerware made of recycled glass, olive wood tableware, recycled polyester curtains or organic cotton bedding. Natural materials such as seashells or unusually shaped rocks make excellent decorating pieces and lend an earth touch to any room.

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Patronize Local Artists and Craftsmen

While buying art or supplies, patronize local artists and craftsmen. They will love you for it and it will also help you contribute in your own way towards reducing the carbon footprint.

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Buy Second-Hand Furniture and Décor Items

If it is possible to lend a fresh look to your room without redoing it in its entirety, it makes really good sense.
Auction websites are great places to find used home décor items and building materials in good condition and at bargain prices. Buying second-hand items will not only save you money, but will also help you make environment-friendly choices.

Some recycling depots also offer free paint exchange programs where you can drop off your surplus paint to pick up some other shade that you need. Leftover paint can be used to give new life to old tables and chairs. Fancy yourself an artist? Check out these 100+ wall painting ideas to transform any room in a single day. Even you will not be able to recognize the room when you are done!

There are websites that allow you to exchange any product that you don’t want with another member who has something that you need, as long as you don’t charge money for it. If not, you can always hold a garage sale or a neighborhood swap. Who knows, your friend may be just willing to exchange her couch that you’ve secretly coveted all these years in exchange for your bookshelf!

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Use Eco-Friendly Paints and Finishes

Choose paints and finishes which contain extremely low or zero levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Such paints contain water, making them less harmful than high-VOC paints which contain petroleum-based solvents and emit harmful gases.

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Think Twice before You Buy

You may be tempted to buy a lower-priced dining table right now, but think again. If the furniture or appliance you have your eye on is not going to last you more than a couple of years, you will end up losing more money and wasting resources. Instead of buying cheap materials of low quality, buy good-quality furniture and building materials that will last long and will be beneficial for both you and the environment.

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Indoor Plants

The simplest and the easiest way to green your home – bring a few plants inside. In addition to improving the air quality of your home, indoor plants are also a great way to brighten up an otherwise dull corner. And they are as green as it can be!

If you have replaced items that are in a good condition during your decorating spree, don’t forget to donate them to charity or non-profit organizations. You can also contact the people who will come and check your refuse for any reusable building materials and take them away for distribution to other organizations. In addition to reducing the harmful effects of your home décor changes on the environment, this will also help you gain a tax break.

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