Responsibile tourism is a new challenge. To travel in responsible way promotes the local culture and natural environment, and at the same time gives us unique, different experiences.

We all think about doing something different when holidays are coming. We search splendid landscapes and corners of nature to access without difficulty without a vehicle. There are several means of transport which allow us to visit countless destinations and we tend to look for the simplest way… the car. But we are not used to calculate the pollution that they produce when we plan our holidays.

There are many ways of travelling which do not damage the environment. If we have to choose one of them, it will be the train without doubt. To plan a trip is the greatest idea, it would consist on choosing means of public transport, to reduce the pollution as much as possible. If we could, we would move by cycling or walking. We must try to look for travelling ideas that are good for the environment and at the same time it will make you enjoy. We must run away from the typical kind of travelling, from the overcrowded beaches and from the tourism that damage the ecosystem.
But let us not travel. There are a lot of organizations which advise us to travel responsibly; it’s enough to know how to choose. We can go to exotic paradises without staying in luxurious hotels where tourists are isolated from the rest of the population. How can we do that? Breaking down with the stereotypes and looking for the integration and the reality of the area where we are. Definitely, practicing responsible tourism. In this way we fight against poverty as well as we protect the environment.

For those who don’t wish or don’t afford travelling, there are a lot of destinations in Italy too, with which we learn and we live similar experiences without being too far away. We find an example in the “Faentina”, built in 1887. Crossed by train the Apennines through the Lamone valley is an amazing community living. This is the important thing: to live a personal and unique experience, never-ending travel and seek the most responsible way to do it. Nature will thank us.


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