Devon is a county in South-West of England that is located in Cornwall, where Exter is the capital. Among fishermen, surfers and English tea you can relax and enjoy your green holiday.

rocky coast in devon
Magical Devon, photo by Red Morley Hewitt on Unsplash

Here there are 10 things to do during your trip in Devon:

1. Discover the History along the Jurassic Coast

From Devon to Dorset, the Jurassic Coast winds through the wonderful English landscape. The importance of ancient history is evident from the name of this coast. Indeed, the Jurassic Coast was formed during the oldest geological eras. There are several fossils along the coast created by erosion and dating back to Jurassic and Triassic.

Jurassic Coast, Devon, UK
Jurassic Coast, Devon, UK – photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

2. Go hunt for killers with Agatha Christie

Have you ever tried to help the detectives Poirot and Miss Murple during their investigations? If you love mystery novels, you should take a walk in the seafront of Torquay, the birthplace of Agatha Christie. It will be an incomparable experience. You can admire all the places where the horror novels are set, along the so-called English Riviera and visit also the local museum.

3. Learn to Surf in Devon coasts

Devon beaches are a natural spectacle for surf lovers. Among dune, green hills and amazing view on the ocean. There are places suitable for everyone, from beginners to experts. Do not miss the opportunity to learn a new sport like this! Stay in the fantastic eco-friendly Bed&Breakfast Bakers for the weekend. It is situated just in front of an unspoilt bay where you can rent your surfboard.

Surf in Devon
Surf in Devon, photo on Unsplash

4. Clovelly Village, the Donkeys Village

Clovelly is a picturesque fisherman village in front of the Bristol Channel. It is also called the Donkeys Village and is an exceptional touristic destination. The must-sees are the fisherman museum and the characteristic port.

fisherman museum and a little port
Photo on Unsplash

5. Taste the real Cream Tea, the afternoon tea

If you love the typical English gastronomy, you should have lunch in the excellent restaurants on the coast where you can taste fresh local fish. But above all, take a break and taste the real Cream Tea, the characteristic tea of 5 pm, with jam and cream.

white ceramic teapot and two white teacups on brown wooden table near pink flower centerpiece closeup photography
Taste the traditional English Tea, photo by Seb Cumberbirch on Unsplash

6. Festivals in Devon: among music, books, and tradition

Are you looking for entertainment during your holiday? So, do not miss these 3 festivals in Devon! Croyde’s Goldcoast Oceanfest takes place in June and is a music festival; in September there is the literary festival dedicated to the writer Agatha Christie and the Flaming Tar Barrels of Ottery St Mary in November is the festival of English ancient traditions.

festivals and entretainment in Devon
Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

7. National Parks in Devon, a plunge into the green landscape

This region of Cornwall is a wonderful pearl for those who love nature. You should go hiking in the 2 unique National Parks: the Dartmoor National Park and the Exmoor National Park. You can take a break and recharge your batteries by doing your favourite sport here. There are countless options: from golf to cycling.

8. Mines, the World Heritage Site

In the past, Devon county was full of mines of copper, pond, silver, arsenic, and lead. These places were put in the World Heritage Humanity Site list of UNESCO because of their importance during the Industrial Revolution.

mine in devon
Photo by Tom Fisk, on Pexels

9. Castles, fortress and caves

Devon is a wonderful land where culture and fairy tales of lords and pirates melt into perfect harmony. Visit one of the Medieval Castles in Devon and discover these charming legends. Or you can also go on an adventure and explore the free-access caves.

medioeval fortress in Devon, UK
Heldon Fortress, Devon, UK. Photo on Unsplash

10. Playmouth and the British Navy

Playmouth is a must-see in Devon. In this port city, you will discover many monuments, local bars, entertainment venues and more. The museum dedicated to the British Navy is amazing, a real journey into English History.

Playmouth by the sea, Devon, UK
Playmouth by the sea, Devon, UK – photo on Wikimedia Commons

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Cover image: Woodbury Rd, Devon, United Kingdom, photo on Unsplash

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