When travelling the world and seeing all of the wonders, it’s very important to be eco-friendly and sustainable so that those same wonders can stay there for future generations. And while following the main principles of sustainable travelling is important, it’s also very important to support eco-friendly establishments. Travelling to Scotland? This beautiful, green country can give you a truly memorable, mesmerizing experience. If you want to help preserve that nature and sights, visit some of these, eco-friendly hotels.

Glencoe Cottages

These eco-friendly cottages are located in the heart of Highland Glen, one of the most famous locations in Scotland. This is where Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban movie was filmed and also one of the most beautiful areas in Scotland. You have a choice between 4 cottages that will give you a wonderful holiday. The cottages have a sitting room, a kitchen area, dining area, a bookcase filled with books you can read and much more. Cottages are completely equipped with technology like TVs, CD players, free WiFi and so on. You can also have a barbeque using their tools and a great patio where they grow herbs for cooking. Kitchen and bathroom are completely equipped. This place is eco friendly because they save water and electricity, use ecological cleaning products. They also recycle more than 80% of the waste they produce.

Perkhill Holiday Cottages

These holiday cottages are located on a family farm, near Lumphanan where you’ll find beautiful nature and sights. They provide you with a wide range of activities native to that area. There is a spacious living area in each cottage, kitchen, dining area, beautiful bedrooms for ultimate rest and much more. There are also patios that lead to huge grassed areas. There are various cottages to choose from, each with a name related to Macbeth, a play this area is famous for. Each cottage has private parking, underfloor heating and so on. They are eco-friendly because they use renewable energy, recycle more than 80% of the waste, use natural cleaning products and have energy saving lights.

Huntingtower Lodge

This is a chic boutique hotel that brings modernity to the traditional Scottish areas. The accommodation is beautiful with bright and modern interior and tranquil exterior. They have 6 modern rooms that overlook the lake and you’ll be able to enjoy a typical Scottish breakfast every morning. They offer secure parking for all vehicles. This hotel will greet you with some tea and cake and they will offer you plenty of information on local places to visit and eat at.  They use organic food and cleaning products, recycle more than 80% of their waste and have water flow reducers as well as energy saving lights.


This is a welcoming eco-friendly hotel with highest standards of comfort and warm environment. All of the bedrooms are en suite, equipped with latest technology and everything else you might need. You can borrow books, magazines and DVDs from the lobby and take them to your room to enjoy. It’s located close to the Loch Leven lake and it’s considered one of the best hotels in the area. You can truly experience the beauty of this country and the area through touring, sightseeing and visiting historic cities. They use organic food and cleaning supplies, energy saving lights, water flow reducers, renewal of rainwater, they recycle waste and they have a green building.

Best Western Kings Manor

This Edinburgh hotel offers many great things – free WiFi, a swimming pool, a gym and so on. The beach is near and the airport and railway station are nearby as well. It offers a spa as well. The rooms are spacious and have a 24 hour room service. The restaurant is great, with a traditional menu – you also get a complimentary tray of tea and coffee. You get free parking as well as great access to the shopping and sightseeing areas. They use eco-friendly cleaning supplies, conserve energy and recycle waste.

The Gleneagles Hotel

This is a hotel that promises celebrity treatment. It offers numerous activities you can enjoy like golfing, falconry, swimming and so on. The rooms are luxurious and elegant with many different features that will ensure your comfort. Gleneagles offers 4 fine dining restaurants and fitness classes in The Club where you can also go swimming, to the sauna, or a hot tub. It’s located in a beautiful place, surrounded by nature and wonderful sights. The Gleneagles Hotel has a gold status in supporting sustainable tourism from the Green Tourism Business Scheme from Visit Scotland initiative.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow

This is a modern hotel in Glasgow, located near all of the most important facilities. It looks beautiful from the inside and outside, with glass floor-to-ceiling windows. Rooms are spacious and decorated in soft colors – you also get free WiFi and a mini-bar. The restaurant offers great food with fresh ingredients and a fun bar. Radison Blu hotels are going green adopting best practices to protect the environment. They use energy-saving lights, organic cleaning supplies, and local, organic food. They also recycle.

Fernbank Guest House

This guest house hotel is located in the center of Prestwick which is close to Glasgow and all important locations. Every room is equipped with beautiful furniture and linen, TVs, and other tech that will enable you to have a great stay. This hotel takes eco-friendly very seriously as they have solar panels and LED lighting. All of the amenities and locations with activities are close by, so you’ll be able to have fun without travelling too far.

Being a sustainable traveller is an important thing. Support the environment by travelling to Scotland and staying in one of these eco-friendly hotels.