Captivating and stylish eco-tourism. This is what you can find at Hotel and Glamping Ribno, a stone’s throw from the alpine pearl of the Bled lake, Slovenia. With a perfect combination of relaxing and wandering, an eco-friendly and zero waste stay. Discover it with us.

Slovenia often comes to mind when thinking about a full relax vacation, in an environment untouched by the frenzy of daily life. And “Slovenia” is usually connected with a specific place, maybe the most heavenly one: the Bled lake. Well, a few steps away from that astonishing location there’s the accommodation we want you to know: Hotel & Glamping Ribno. It is special not only for the natural frame hosting it and for the comforts offered, but mainly because it’s been certified as the first zero-waste hotel in Slovenia.

Facade of the Ribno hotel building

Hotel and Glamping in Slovenia

The accommodation offers two solutions for the stay, based on each one’s preferences. The most classic hotel, built in a very picturesque style, almost entirely covered with wood. Wide and fully-fitted rooms, wellness centre with several treatments, a top-quality and international restaurant. It’s also suitable for business meetings and trips, having some conference rooms.

And then the most uncommon hosting solution, but very trendy lately: glamping. What distinguishes the glamorous camping is the association between camping and luxury. How is it? At Ribno, it’s been done by building 6 cosy wooden tiny houses, made by local craftsmen. They’re built on or under trees and are named as 6 flowers of the area (as “Edelweiss” or “Slovenian orchid”). The welcoming intern of the houses – fitting up to 4 people – is completed by an outdoor wooden bathtub, besides the private bathroom. They’re made to be lived all year long, indeed there’s thermic insulation and the heating system. Glamping guests can use the spa and the common areas as well. And of course, also the great cuisine with typical dishes!

glamping house by night

The Zero Waste philosophy and certification

Hotel & Glamping Ribno is the very first and only zero-waste touristic accommodation in Slovenia.

Zero Waste is the conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging and materials without burning, and with no discharges to land, water, or air that threaten the environment or human health ”.

Certification as zero waste hotel

This is the philosophy of a European project, which aims to guide the society to imitate nature’s cycles. These are sustainable in the sense that what’s a waste for one is someone else’s raw material. The project landed at the hotel and restaurant world thanks to an Italian initiative. Today, with the support of an organization called “Ecologists without Borders”, the goal is to transfer ecology’s know-how and experiences in Slovenia, and in the whole EU.

Ribno follows the project’s guidelines, not only doing what’s better for the planet but also increasing its guests’ satisfaction and wealth. How do they do? 90% waste recycling, measures for the consumption of water and energy that have brought 30% savings on them. Furthermore, they use things that allow for multiple consumptions, as bigger jars for jam or other foods at the restaurant, and they cooperate with local suppliers. Moreover, they try to motivate tourists to behave in a sustainable way, for example by turning off the rooms’ lights or taking only the food one will certainly eat.

National credit and pride, then. Indeed, the municipality of Bled is now on this path too. They want to become Zero Waste and have set the goal of 80% waste recycling by 2025.

Beyond relax: cycle-tourism and rambling

You don’t want just some relax, do you? Fair enough: actually it’d be crazy to go visit a place like this one and not to explore it completely. Well, there we go with some proposals to make your stay by Hotel and Glamping Ribno more dynamic.

Right in the area of the facility, there are several opportunities: sport fields for beach volley, basket, and tennis; rent bikes; buy the permission for fishing at the reception. The hotel also offers discounts and reservations for other sport activities as rafting, canyoning, hiking, riding, and golf. Furthermore, Ribno is the ideal accommodation for trekking and cycle-tourism lovers. It is in a convenient location to access the walking and bike trails of the area, with the chance of booking guided trips through various panoramic paths.


A typical holiday in Bled

Hotel and glamping Ribno is pretty close to the Slovenian alpine pearl of Bled lake, in the idyllic village namesake. The position – right outside a fir trees forest, filled with tweets – makes happy anybody who’s seeking for a stay in total connection with nature. The town of Bled is accessible by a shuttle service provided by the hotel, and it has tons of exciting experiences. Not to miss a boat trip from the shore to the small island in the middle of the lake, the only one in Slovenia.

In winter, the snowy landscape is filled up, thanks to the activities of the many neighboring ski areas. There’s the chance to practice ski, snowboard, sledge and snow rackets. Plus, the slopes of the Julian Alps are around one hour away by car (and you can purchase the ticket at the hotel).

Another interesting experience can be a ride on a white Lipizzaner horse. And finally, to end your perfect Slovenian vacation, you can’t miss tasting the kremna rezina or Bled cake, a creamy and delicious millefoglie pastry, made for the first time in the 50s in a bakery in the town.

The glamping houses
The glamping houses

A dreamy hotel, the trendy glamping, the magic of the Bled lake, the call from nature and its beauty. Ribno is all of this and much more: the Zero Waste philosophy turns staying there in a choice that makes the environment as happy as you’ll be. Spring weekends have just begun and summer is really near: make your holiday as much memorable as eco-friendly by choosing Hotel & Glamping Ribno!

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