Dalmatia, the ancient southern region of Croatia, offers its inhabitants and visitors a great variety of landscapes, from the pristine sea to the snow-capped mountains, the scent of native vines, beautiful cities of art and millennial stories. It is a wonderful and surprising destination, perfect for those who love nature and dream of spending a holiday between nature and wine tasting, among hike trails in the countryside and walks in the city.

Villa Vinea, eco-friendly and luxurious accommodation in Dalmatia

Our starting point is Villa Vinea, a eco-friendly villa for 10 people located in Prapatnica, 400 m above sea level and surrounded by vineyards and countryside. This villa is the perfect combination of sustainability and modernness. Located in pure countryside and has its own vineyard with ancient grape varieties that stayed preserved till nowadays. Villa Vinea uses solar panels to respect the rural environment that surrounds it.

Take part in the grape harvest

Vineyards in Dalmatia

Those who stay in the apartments of Villa Vinea during the harvest can help the hosts in the grape process and discover all the work behind every single bottle of wine, as well as, of course, taste a glass of it while admiring the surrounding landscape and discovering the local products purchased from the nearby farms. The region boasts an important wine tradition and an inestimable heritage of native vines; don’t miss the historic wines, the white Pošip and the red Babić.

The nature of Dalmatia on foot and by bike

The nature of Dalmatia on foot and by bike

Villa Vinea is not only the ideal place to enjoy a gourmet holiday, but also an excellent starting point to discover all that Dalmatia can offer. In every season you will be able to discover breathtaking landscapes, reach the sea or venture towards the mountain peaks, cycle in the green. There are many paths and cycle paths that wind through the area of ​​the accommodation and that, with different levels of difficulty, will accompany you to discover this corner of Croatia.

Even the less trained can, for example, leave from the monastery of S. Ante to discover a short 4.5 kilometer trail. The church is located on the island of Čiovo, connected by a mobile bridge to Trogir. After visiting the monastery, you reach the village of Žedno, across a gently sloping road. Here we visit the church of St. Maurice in the field, once a gathering point for hermits, and, in the center of the village, the church of Blessed John of Trogir. At the entrance of the village you turn to the road to return to the starting point, through a beautiful path that winds through olive groves and vineyards, offering an incredible view of Split, the islands of Solta and Vis and the town of Sibenik.

Another interesting itinerary starts from the village of Tomas and reach Labinšica TV repeater. The climb is steep, but not too difficult and certainly the sight of which we can enjoy at the top of the hill is worth the effort. Our eyes are filled with the entire Dalmatian hinterland, as far as borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we can glimpse Split to the east, Brač, Hvar and Šolta to the south, up to Vis, Jabuka and the Šibenik archipelago to the west.

From the village of Prapatnica, where Villa Vinea is located, it is also possible to reach the tops of Mount Vilaja, located between the border of Split-Dalmatia region and the Šibenik-Knin region.

Trogir, the little Venice

Trogir, the little Venice of Dalmatia
Photo by Adam Jones adamjones.freeservers.com

Just 14 kilometers from Villa Vinea you will discover a small Dalmatian jewel. Trogir is one of the most beautiful and best preserved Venetian cities and, thanks to the numerous works of art of its historic center, is a UNESCO heritage. Walking through the narrow streets of the town dating to the thirteenth century is like traveling through time. During your day in this place full of poetry, you can’t miss the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the castle of Camerlengo.

The city of Split, the heart of Dalmatia

The city of Split, the heart of Dalmatia

Villa Vinea is located 40 kilometers from the city of Split, the second largest city in Croatia and the largest in all of Dalmatia. The city, which overlooks the Adriatic Sea, is probably the most beautiful in the country and offers an incredible mix of history and modernity, with a world heritage architecture, picturesque gardens and a lively and colourful life.

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