Calabria enchants you with its sea, its unique villages, its forests, its culture and the mountains. It is a region that encompasses stunning landscapes, historic sites and many ecosystems to explore. We selected the 10 most magical places of Calabria, to be discovered in a slow and sustainable way on an unforgettable tour of the region.

Isola di Capo Rizzuto and the Aragonese castle

Isola di Capo Rizzuto, Calabria

There are no words to describe this wonder of Eastern Calabria: a castle in the sea, connected to the mainland by a thin strip of land. The Aragonese castle of Le Castella is located in the heart of the Marine Reserve of Capo Rizzuto, a wild and fabulous place.

Our Eco-Advice: the Marine Reserve of Capo Rizzuto, is committed every day in the preservation of this natural heritage. Do not miss the opportunity to live wonderful experiences such as nature tours by land, nature tours on boats, divers and educational courses in sailing routes with experts in sailing and marine biologists.

Pentedattilo, the mysterious village perched on the rocks

Pentadattilo, Calabria
Photo by Francodicoppola via Flickr

It is here, among the rocks, in Mount Calvary: a place full of charm and mystery, where time seems to stand still. They says that in its streets  in 1686 the infamous massacre of the Alberti occurred, the massacre of the noble family Alberti by Avenavoli family. It is an abandoned village, which looks like supported by a hand (hence its name), in a surreal and very impressive atmosphere.

Our Eco-Advice: the best way to get to town is to reach Reggio Calabria by train and then by bus Melito Porto Salvo. From here you can face a beautiful walking route of 8 km by foot in nature.

The wonderful beach of Arcomagno

The wonderful beach of Arcomagno, Calabria

This corner of Calabria seems a paradise. A beach surrounded by barns overlooking a crystal clear sea. And to dominate this amazing landscapes, there is a natural arch carved into the rock.

Our Eco-Advice: the beach is one of the beaches of San Nicola Arcella. Discover this stretch of coastline with a kayak tour.

The Castle of Corigliano Calabro

The Castle of Corigliano Calabro, Calabria

Among the most beautiful in the whole of southern Italy, this castle stands on a hill, in the heart of the historical center of Corigliano Calabro. It is a wonderful example of medieval architecture, which contains many historical treasures; in its prisons, in the Hall of Mirrors and the bedrooms of the barons.

Our Eco-Advice: in the countryside of Corigliano Calabro a welcoming organic farm awaits you where you’ll taste the excellent local cuisine.

The Sila National Park, a dip in the pristine nature

The Sila National Park, Calabria

150,000 hectares of natural wealth, of various landscapes, of a wide variety of plant species, the house of the wolf: it’s the Calabria region that has more than kept all its wild atmosphere, where nature surrounds the many characteristic villages. It is a wonderful area to discover, offering the opportunity to practice many outdoor sports.

Our Eco-Advice: Casello Margherita, the first mountain retreat of the Sila National Park, and one of very few in Calabria, invites you for an unforgettable and sustainable holiday.

The Isle of Dino, among caves and incredible sea bottom

The Isle of Dino, Calabria

We are in one of the most beautiful stretches of coast of Calabria, between coves and inlets sculpted by time and sea, in the larger of the two islands of Calabria. There’s not beach but beautiful caves along its 3 km perimeter.

Our Eco-Advice: there is no better way to discover this pearl than with a beautiful kayak route that will allow you to circumnavigate the island in just one hour and a half.

Gambarie, skiing watching the sea

Gambaria, skiing in Calabria
Photo by Pietro via Flickr

We want to refute those who think that Calabria has to offer only the sea: in the heart of Aspromonte National Park, at 1400 meters high, in winter you can ski enjoying a unique landscape. There, in the snow, you can admire the Aeolian Islands and Mount Etna simultaneously!

Our Eco-Advice: for your ski holiday forget your car! Gambarie is easy to reach by public transport.

Santa Severina, on the traces of the history of Calabria

Santa Severina, on the traces of the history of Calabria

A small village but with a glorious past: Santa Severina, with its beautiful castle, its baptistery and its cathedral, is perhaps the greatest testimony of the Byzantine presence in the region. The beautiful village overlooks the entire valley of the river Neto and is also called “stone ship”.

Our Eco-Advice: sleep respecting nature in the beautiful farmhouse Il Querceto.

Scilla, for the most romantic sunset

Scilla, Calabria
Photo by Francodicoppola via Flickr

Scilla seems to touch Sicily. Situated at the mouth of the Strait of Messina, it is the pearl of Costa Viola and is a beautiful village with ancient origins. Walk through the alleys of Chianalea, enjoy a fish dinner, meet the fishermen and end your day at Belvedere di Piazza San Rocco, when the sun sinks into the sea.

Our Eco-Advice: Scilla and its sea are a perfect destination for all of us eco-travelers: also this year Legambiente honored its commitment to a sustainable tourism and clean sea.

Tropea and its sanctuary

Tropea, Calabria
Photo by Schimonski via Flickr

A staircase takes you to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Island, and there the view is breathtaking. Tropea from here looks even more beautiful!

Our Eco-Advice: away from the tourists, the Organic Farm Pirapora offers the opportunity to spend a holiday in nature, with unique views of Tropea.
What are you waiting for? Calabria is waiting for you, with its wonderful people with a great sense of hospitality, its stunning scenery and its cuisine.


Cover photo by Zedinem via Flickr

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