On the warm sea of Liguria, a few kilometers from France, Bordighera offers a mild and pleasant climate in all seasons, incredible landscapes, villas, gardens and romantic views. Let’s find out together!

Bordighera is a small, elegant town in Liguria, in the heart of the Riviera del Ponente, a few kilometers from the border with France. It will be the scent of the sea and the singing of the seagulls to wake us up in the morning and already from our window we will admire the waves, the tranquility of the old town, the glimpses of churches.

The heart of Bordighera, between the sea (Blue Flag), gardens and art

Bordighera, Liguria, sea
Ph. by lucianomandolina, via flickr

Here you can breathe a clean air, in a quiet and typically Ligurian atmosphere. Probably the best place in Bordighera is the Argentina promenade where we can walk without hurry enjoying the swirling of the waves crashing on the shore, admiring the colors and feelings, and the colorful gardens of the center and the mountains behind the village that seem to want to dive in the water. The waterfront stretches for about 2 km, thus representing the longest and possibly even the most impressive pedestrian pathway across the Ligurian Riviera del Ponente.

Since 1987 Bordigera receives every year the Blue Flag award of the Foundation for Environmental Education, which rewards the virtuous seaside resorts for the environmental quality and sustainable management of the territory.

Villa Margherita in Bordighera
Villa Margherita in Bordighera, ph. by Wikipedia

But in Bordighera there is much more: walking through the typical alleys of the center, where there are also great restaurants, there are many churches to see, such as the Church of the Madonna dei Fiori and the Church of Carmine. In the elegant town, we can not miss a visit to the Villa Regina Margherita, a manor house built between 1914 and 1916. Unfortunately, since 2016 Villa Regina Margherita is closed to visits. We hope to reopen early to offer the opportunity to visit its amazing permanent exhibition with over 1000 pieces of antique furniture, ceramics and European and Oriental porcelain and paintings of the Six and Eighteenth Century, including masterpieces by Bernardo Strozzi and Alessandro Magnasco and still, paintings by French artists, still life and landscapes of Flemish authors.

Bordighera is also one of the cities visited and loved by the great French painter Claud Monet. If you love the art of the impressionist artist you can thus find the landscapes of some paintings of Monet in Bordighera, in the Moreno Garden, in the Villa or in other unique views that you can admire walking through the streets of the Ligurian town, following this map:

A Map to discover the landscapes painted by Monet in Bordighera
A Map to discover the landscapes painted by Monet in Bordighera

Where to stay in Bordighera

Eco-friendly guest house with sea view in the hills of Bordighera, Liguria
Eco-friendly guest house with sea view in the hills of Bordighera, Liguria


In the Bordighera countryside there is a beautiful eco-sustainable accommodation renovated mainly with bio-building techniques, using bio-lime and low environmental impact materials, furnished with natural materials: this is Agrilunassa, the realization of a dream of a couple from Milan looking for a more natural life. Along with comfortable rooms furnished according to the principles of Feng Shui, a beautiful garden with sea views, the property offers various outdoor activities that always respect the environment, ranging from bike trips, to boat days for the exciting Whale watching.

The surroundings of Bordighera

Apricale, Bordighera, Liguria
Apricale, ph. by Giuseppe Calsamiglia, via Flickr

From the chic Bordighera it is easy to reach other wonders of Liguria, especially of the Riviera del Ponente, for an unforgettable journey of nature, special encounters, unique flavors and sea. How to resist the temptation and not visit for example the village of Dolceacqua, which even charmed Monet with its pompous and medieval atmosphere? And there is also Apricale, a village perched on a rocky spur, loved by artists who have decanted its beauty on the murals, Sanremo and its flowers, Triora known as the village of witches, Noli and Cervo. Among the different resorts it is easy to find even an offshore open-air facility for a day at the beach or an aperitif at the seaside, a restaurant ready to welcome you with sublime dishes and the classic Ligurian atmosphere that will always make you fall in love with this unique region, leaving you the desire to return.


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