Dream-like nights suspended between sky and earth. Tree sleeping will let you relax on real flying-tents sourrounded by the branches of the trees in your sleeping bed. An extraordinary experience, where Nature and adventure meet.

Have you ever thought about experiencing something unique, completely new and capable of combining your love for nature with a pinch of adventure?
If you are tired of the usual way of camping and want to try something extraordinary and a bit more sophisticated, roomoon, tentsile and tree sleeping will be your key words!

What is Tree Sleeping?

Tree sleeping is an innovative trend that allows you to spend your nights away from the discomforts of the irregular ground and crawling insects and offers you a nestle through the branches of the trees, just under a roof full of stars.

This way of camping is not just funny and original, but it also does not harm nature. Indeed, it is completely eco-friendly and the highly emotional experience of overnighting on a tree will also make you feel closer to nature as you have never been before, intensifying your connection with it.

Your roomoon in Italy

The idea of providing accommodation on trees comes from abroad, but Italy keeps being up-to-date and now you can finally join this new trend, too.

Our country is currently offering this charming opportunity in various locations, such as in Madonie Adventure Park (Sicily), between the trees in Claut (Friuli), and in Pineta Baratti (Tuscany).

Tree sleeping in Sicily, in the Madonie Park

Madonie Adventure Park is located in Sicily, in the wonderful forest of Gorgonero. Here you will have a unique experience thanks to the combination of the adventure park and the tents, which are set at a height of 7 metres from the ground. Indeed, while you can have fun with the many Adventure paths and other activities such as tree climbing and snow walking during the day, the transparent tents will let you fall asleep admiring the stars during the night.

Tree Sleeping in Campania, near the Cilento Park

Maremirtilli is an ecovillage which is found inside a Natural Reserve overlooking the sea. Sleeping between the trees of this ecovillage will give you a fantastic view: you will be surrounded by the most unspoilt nature and between two beautiful coasts: Amalfi Coast and Clientana Coast. Moreover, you will be right in front of the Island of  Capri. You will enjoy sleeping here not just for the pleasure given by the view, but also for the pleasure given by the food. You will taste genuine and delicious sea food and vegetables, which are cultivated in the garden of the ecovillage.

Tree Sleeping Friuli, near the Dolomites

The Tree Village in Claut is found in Valcellina, in the suggestive thematic park in the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park. It boasts little fabolous tree houses completely made in wood and suspended at a maximum height of 4 metres. Here you will experience another very special holiday. The Park offers indeed two types of a stay: one combined to Nordic Walking and the other one to the relaxing techniques of the ‘alpine wellness‘. Moreover you will be pampered with tasty homemade typical dishes and go discovering the place through the Biological Garden or the open air Woodman’s Museum, for example.

Tree sleeping in Tuscany, near the Gulf of Baratti


It is precisely in this last location that in 2014 Matteo Cortigiani, tree climber and arborist in Florence, aimed to bring this idea of the vertical camping in the pine forest overlooking the sea. And it ended up being a success: the astonishing view of the Gulf of Baratti from a higher and exclusive perspective donated an unforgettable memory of the experience to the travellers. Here there is a short video.

Tree sleeping for everyone!

Tree sleeping will be the perfect solution for adventurous explorers who would love to spend some days in total relaxation, just in touch with the sound of nature, travelling alone, with friends, or in couple, making use of the romantic atmosphere to surprise your sweet half.

Tree sleeping is ideal for people of all ages. Hence, a lot of families enjoy taking part to this experience, too: children have fun in total security (they all have to wear a harness) and adults feel young again, making that classical children’s dream of living on trees reality.

Girls night in- The Trial from Womens Mountain Collective on Vimeo.

Still have any doubts? Then come and give it a try. Let the wind rock you while falling asleep and feel light as the air being suspended between earth and sky, surrounded only by nature, as one of the leaves of the tree hosting you. You won’t be disappointed!

Cover photo: Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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