Why not enjoy the first sunny days of this spring with a beautiful eco-friendly picnic? A cloth tablecloth or an old blanket, reusable containers, flat and biodegradable cutlery and around us a forest or a park: the perfect ingredients for a beautiful day in nature.

6 ideas for a green picnic in Italy

The nature and the sun of these spring days invite us to prepare a nice picnic outdoors with family or friends. Some green accommodations of our network share with us their idea of ​​the perfect picnic, ready to discover six corners of Italy?

6 ideas for a green picnic in Italy

Picnic on the island of Sant’Antioco – Sardinia

Picnic on the island of Sant'Antioco

Morning departure from our B&B, the shuttle is ready to accompany us in the south western part of the island, in the village of Canai. In front of us a hill overlooking a fertile plain area, in an environment of rare beauty on which stands Grutti Acqua complex of nuraghi, the largest in the island and one of the largest in Sardinia.
Hiking shoes, backpack and ready for a nature walk through the remains of ancient ruins  among the heady fragrance of the aromatic plants and edible of our territory. We walk another path that leads us to the coast and then towards the sea and we walk to a clearing where we can admire the sea from above, we can stop here to make our picnic.

In our picnic basket: Borage quiche, Pancakes with wild asparagus, local Sheep Cheese, bread from the local tradition, local oranges, a bottle of wine, biodegradable glasses, napkins, plates and bags for recycling.

Picnic on Mount Etna at Bagolarea Farm – Sicily

Picnic on Mount Etna at Bagolarea Farm

Let’s enjoy a picnic immersed in out old garden (orchard) of clementines on the terraces, or at the winery or vineyard in the middle of the vines on top of the hill overlooking the view of the coast from Catania to Taormina. Our farm is located on the slopes of the volcano, among beautiful landscapes.

In our picnic basket: an assortment of fingerfood made with our local produce: potatoes and asparagus muffins artichoke croquettes with field vegetables, vegetable strudel, ricotta cheese ravioli. All pleasantly accompanied by our natural wine (organic/no added sulfites)

Picnic at L’Aperegina farmhouse – Abruzzo

Picnic in Abruzzo

The picnic can be done in the surrounding lawn, in the woods around the farm, or even in one of three national parks in the region.

In our basket: bread, cheese, salami, ham, fruit, salad, wine and water.

Picnic in the Tuscan hills between Siena and Arezzo, at the farm Il Capoverso

Picnic in the Tuscan hills between Siena and Arezzo

The farm is surrounded by 5000 meters of garden with swimming pool, 2000 meters of orchard and 2 hectares of olive groves. The places where you can organize a picnic are numerous, the choice depends on the season, now under the blossoming orchard, or later in the olive grove; in any case we also have the possibility to eat outside on big wooden tables under our elms.

In our basket: mixed salads and couscous with vegetables, pies and fried bread, pecorino cheese, a good local wine, homemade cake with honey and fruit we produce.

Picnic at Fontaccia Farm – Tuscany

Picnic in Tuscany

At our farm we can organize picnics at a cost of EUR20 per person. The price includes the preparation of the picnic in the grass under an old pear with views of the Sieve Valley with pallets, cushions and tablecloth.

In our basket: Meats and cheeses accompanied by preserves and homemade bread, cold pasta with seasonal vegetables or tomato soup, omelette with seasonal herbs, vinaigrette with oil of our farm, a fruit and a bottle of Chianti wine (alternative: organic juice)

Picnic at Le Costarelle farm – Tuscany

Picnic in Tuscany

The picnic can take place on the stone benches with related tables in our garden, set in the mountains of Mugello; in case of rain we can use the barn.

In our basket: wild boar salami, cheeses, omelettes, homemade pies, our jam, homemade bread, spring water and local wine.


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