Surrounded by wild nature, breathtaking, at 830m above sea level in Valtaro there is a bike-hotel that awaits all those who are fond of mountain biking.


It is the home of Giorgio and Valeria where each day share with travelers their passion for cycling and the love for this land. It has a strange name, that I do not know pronounce: it is called Tolasudolsa that in Parmesan dialect means “take it easy” which is the motto of the new life of Valeria and Giorgio.

Valeria and Giorgio, Tolasudolsa's owners

We talked to them fro the coming festival IT.A.CA’ that will be attended by them too with a itinerary-event that you can’t miss and they told us a bit of their history and their green hospitality.

We are husband and wife, Giorgio and Valeria Genovese, transplanted directly in 2014 from the stressful and chaotic Milanese hinterland in Valtaro. So we immersed ourselves in the almost untouched nature. We abandoned relatives, our work as employees and home to totally change our lives in search of a “good life.”

How was Tolasudolsa born?

The passion of both for outdoor sports and above all Giorgio’s love of thirty years for the 2 wheels, motorcycle before and mountain bike then, inspire us to create something unique and innovative for these places: a non-hotel accommodation mainly dedicated to bikers, especially those who prefer the ALL-MOUNTAIN, and their bikes.

IT.A.CA’, the responsible tourism festival, will be the perfect opportunity to learn about this innovative accommodation dedicated to mountain-bikers, and these territories that are still little known. Giorgio, National Academy of Mountain Bike’s Guide, will take us on an incredible three-day itinerary on foot, accompanied by three nice donkeys, or mountain biking, from a small village in the Parma Apennines, Borgotaro (easily accessible by train from Parma) through forests, meadows and breathtaking landscapes of Apennines, up to reach the Ligurian sea and the romantic Bay of Silence of Sestri Levante.

Itinerary by foot or by mountain bike with Tolasudolsa

Before leaving for the journey, you will be able to stay in one of three comfortable rooms of Tolasudolsa, where there will be a good organic breakfast, incredible views, a storage room for the for bicycles and a bike repair workshop waiting for you .

You couldn’t ask for more for your mountain bike holiday!


Cover photo by Hefin Owen via Flickr

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