A wild land, which protrudes between two seas: Calabria encompasses different worlds, from the crystalline waters of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas to the big mountains up to 2000 meters.
The tip of the Italian boot is a land of rare, pure and unexpected beauty . The pristine forests, golden beaches, rolling hills, a thousand-year history, the turquoise sea and a very diverse flora and fauna make Calabria a perfect destination for journey of exploration, discovering unique places, folk traditions, and a typical extremely rich gastronomy.

Due to this precious nature and numerous virtuous reality, Calabria is becoming one of the Italian pearls of responsible tourism.

This result was achieved mainly due to the presence of a very special accommodation, Jacurso da Vivere e Imparare, which is offering to tourists from around the world a new way of traveling, based on the preservation and sharing of traditional lifestyles, on deep experience of the life of the community.

We are in Jacurso, a small village of 600 inhabitants, located at 441m above sea level, right in the middle of the narrowest point of Calabria and offering a unique panoramic view, the contemporary view of the coast of the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here the whole community participates to tourism, by organizing activities and experiences for travelers such as guided tours, Italian and cooking classes that allow an authentic encounter between tourists and their hosts. Staying in Jacurso da Vivere e Imparare, travelers have the chance to learn in practice what Calabria is about, what is its story, what are its traditions, and who are its inhabitants.

Due to its uniqueness, Jacurso has been included in the last report of the World Tourism Organization which has promoted the development of a responsible and sustainable tourism. The report, which you can read here, studies the immense potential of tourism in the social and cultural changes and in the inspiration of more sustainable behavior. The text demonstrates, through research and case studies,that a new kind of traveler is emerging, conscious and aware of the importance of their choices, who choose the new responsible hospitality such as Jacurso da vivere e Imparare.

About the accommodation, among the three Italian project that have been chosen, the Tourism Organization writes:

The main lessons learned are that the project has so far provided ways to revive the cultural identity of the village and reactivate local traditions. This has also proved to be a form of responsible tourism that creates opportunities to rescue local heritage from being lost through outmigration and institutions’ disinterest.

We talked to Rosamaria about Calabria, Jacurso and this incredible achievement.

How did Jacurso da Vivere e Imparare come to life?

The initial idea of ​​the project “Jacurso ada Vivere e Impare” arise from the importance of recording and thus keep some aspects of traditional life. As a result of globalization and the spread of mass media, there is the risk of not being able to transfer this important heritage. So, this sustainable tourism project offer a new way of traveling through participation: workshops, Italian lessons, excursions and guided tours, along with the contact with local community, traveling with the anthropologist; to guarantee long life to oral traditions, traditional ways and revive the local everyday life.

23 case studies around the world and Jacurso is one of these: how did you achieve this?

The project is based on very sound principles, such as sustainability, affirmation, and the safeguarding of intangible heritage. These are high international interest.

A destination or an itinerary that you suggest in Calabria?

Jacurso of course! Not for the place but mostly for the people that you will meet and the things that you can live and learn!

Now are you ready to discover Calabria and its traditions in an authentic and sustainable way?


Cover photo by castgen via Flickr

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