The numbers in the study of the MacArthur Foundation, presented at the opening of the World Economic Forum in Davos, are alarming and shocking. If nothing will change, if mankind will continue to destroy the seas of the Earth, in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish.

Our plastic production does not diminish but grows exponentially every year and destroy entire ecosystems and create immense islands of waste in the Pacific Ocean.

Is this the destiny of our Planet? Will he be the mankind who’s gonna kill the world?

No one knows what will happen, but rest assured, there is hope.

The island of plastic in the ocean
The island of plastic in the ocean

A solution to eliminate plastic from the oceans

If the optimal solution remains to stop or at least drastically reduce the production of plastic, three young British have found another type of solution, that may solve, at least in part, the problem of plastic in the seas.

Terry, Christina and Chris have created a ship powered by solar energy capable of collecting 22 million pounds of plastic a year, the SeaVax.

A small fleet of these so amazing ships could eliminate some of the larger islands of plastic in the oceans in just 10 years, safeguarding the marine life thanks to a special sensor.

The three English friends now seek our help. They built the first model but they need funds to make enough for the biggest cleaning the oceans ever. Through the Avaaz campaign you can help to realize this project, donating even just the equivalent of a cocktail. Together you can give life to this incredible example of hope and save our oceans.

The effects of plastic in the seas: a disfigured turtle

How to decrease the production of plastic

Since 1964, the plastic in the world production has increased twenty-fold. Unfortunately, at present, it’s a material that we are not always able to recycle unlike glass and paper. Only 5% of the packaging is recycled and only once, while 40% ends up in landfills, and a third directly in natural ecosystems such as oceans.

The Seavax could eliminate the existing waste, but there are several solutions to decrease production drastically. An idea comes from San Francisco has banned plastic bottles in public places. All we citizens must choose products with packaging made of other materials, choose tap water rather than bottles.

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