Val Camonica, a natural theater in which men and horses move across, through fascinating trails and wild symbols: a territory to discover and protect. Find out with us a new kind of breathing, connected to the Alps, connected to the real essence of horses. Enjoy an ideal trip, thought and organised by Cavalieri Prealpini group.

Cimbergo Val Camonica
Cimbergo, Val Camonica, ph. by vibrisse, via Flickr

A journey through the clouds

The course, designed for riders and for any accompanying that can travel by car and reach the horse group at the restaurants, begins in Breno (Brescia): a journey of about 39 kilometers to reach the Passo di Croce Domini, the gap to be addressed will be 1861 meters. After a generous appetizer the trek officially starts. The impact of climate in Valcamonica  is singular and the days are always terse by a benevolent wind.

To reach the castle of Breno you climb through a steep walkway that leads to the top. Here you run into a tasty lunch served by beautiful damsels in medieval costume, entirely organized by the Cavalieri Prealpini.

Again on the horseback. Here is the step Croce Domini, in the heart of the Natural Park Adamello, and it’s time for dinner at the hut of the sympathetic Vito ( Refuge Bazena ). Riding again, at night, with a good mulled wine packed in saddlebags, to the Passo Maniva.

Here comes the dawn of the second day, a dawn made ​​of small lakes and valleys. Difference in altitude 900 meters, 30 kilometers to ride.

Riding in Val Camonica, landscape, by Delia Grassi

Then you get to Malga Rossello, where lunch is served . Still saddle, sweat and silence, and then you get to Plan Montecampione and leave the horses at the barn.

Another horsemen day is coming up. You arrive on Mount Wilhelm at nearly 2,000 meters , and visit the monument of the Divine Redeemer. Lunch at the shelter and fall to the forest of gnomes … an outdoor exhibition of sculptures carved directly into the wood by local artist Luigi Zatti, then the arrival in Zone with its pyramids, concludes the day …

A new morning corroborates the spirits of knights waiting for the climb to the 13 plants (beech) , a last look at the beautiful Lake Iseo and then off … you exceed the pine forests of Val Palot , always between unexpected and lush vegetation .

A descent down the slopes of Montecampione and the day is served … relaxing evening on Lake Iseo with typical dinner on boat . Tears of the Sun of our heroes leads to Artogne and greets everyone with toast and buffet.


A close-knit group: what does it mean to be a “Cavaliere prealpino”?

For years, the group of Knights subalpine have drawn unique paths and horse trails: a new group, which is not only enhances riding as a sport, but also let people know about the Seriana Valley and Val Camonica. A question of tourism, rather than sports . Their well organized team makes trekking here, in Italy , in our “Alpi Pre Orobiche”, without going away to explore unknown places, but drawing the contours of the fantastic that is very close to us, even though we cannot see it.

For those who do not know them, it is almost difficult to paint an effective frame of their ” stuff “.

Carlo Mazzoleni , the President, is certainly a great stickler : the fussiness of those who have the ambition to get a quality result . The months that precede the trek are tough, months of preparation , made of dozens of persons engaged in staff who are committed every day to try and try the paths and contact structures to spend the night in the heat. This association was established by the hands of those who have always lived their land and their horses, with sincerity and spirit of sacrifice.

Riding in Val Camonica, landscape, by Delia Grassi


Sport addiction: the National trekking Trophy

The staff is composed of about a dozen people, experienced guides, veterinarians, farriers, photographers and supporters of the pre- Alps. All moved by the same spirit and motivated by the competitive challenge Italian Trekking Trophy , a sort of game organized by the Italian Equestrian Club . In fact, the way we tell you is inherent within this trophy and it helps us to understand and realize how many glimpses of the mountain can be revealed to our eyes on the back of a horse. An initiative designed to use tourism as a way through to learn about the Italian territory with its special environmental, scenic, gastronomic and historical richness. The message is positive and immediate: we do not travel only on horseback, a total involvement against whom that has never approached to this world, concerning cultural rediscovery of Italy.

Riding in Val Camonica, landscape, by Delia Grassi


That is the idea of ​​extreme Trek (in its uniqueness) of Cavalieri Prealpini. A trek thought to discover small lands of intelligent incivility, visiting them and admire them, with the help of a 4-legged friend.

The itinerary designed in this article is an example, and talks about one of the stage of  national trekking Trophy; by a call you can contact Carlo Mazzoleni and organize pre-alpine trek for groups of all levels and durability.


For more information: Cavalieri Prealpini AssociationCarlo Mazzoleni ( President of the Association), +39.335.7498409, Carlo.mazzoleni @


Riding in Val Camonica, landscape, by Delia Grassi

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