They took our hand and brought us with them on their travels, with their words and their pictures we walked between wild nature and literary landscapes. We cycled with them by bike and climb mountains. It was not easy to choose between all the participants, but in the end we did it. Here they are the winners of Share your Green Adventure contest! Let’s find out something about them read again their beautiful itineraries.

Susanna Trino, green itinerary in Norway

She took us up in Norway, in a little-known but wonderful corner, between beautiful cliffs and breathtaking fjords.


<< I am 25 years old, graduated in law, photographer and traveler for passion. I worked for a year in London and now I’m back in Italy and I’m studying for the lawyer exam. I’m a talker and a dreamer. My dream is to work for National Geographic. I define myself a traveler, not a tourist, I love to have lunch with local people, know the customs and costumes, i love help, take part to the local activities, get lost alone for forests and wildlife, I love to walk for hours. The route from “Tau to Pulpit Rock” comes from an article about Oslo and the Norwegian fjords, read by chance on a plane from London to Rome. I came home for a few days and while i was reading, sentence after sentence, I fell in love with those places. It is a route that I personally prepared with the help of a Norwegian girl met by chance in London and I have to thank her or the many tips. >>

Read again her itinerary here!

Carmen Delia Gurinov, green itinerary in Padua, Italy

With her, we rode by bicycle the same route that Francesco Petrarca did from Padua when he moved to his house in the hills.


<< I’m Carmen and I accompany individual tourists and groups by bike, by boat and on foot in the area of ​​the Euganean Hills and lowlands Padua. I am Romanian-Italian citizen and my stranger eyes can capture with live interest the beauty of the area where I live. My activity as a tour guide, named Viaggiare curiosi, was born to discover the hidden Italy that few know and promote. My desire is to enhance the landscape through minor routes that are real experiences of slowness! The information that I give to my tourists contemplate especially the geography of the area, because of my training as geographer in Padua. I like to draw attention to the history of Venetian reclamation, with hydraulic structures that serve as testimony, as the canal bridge of Montaigne which is located on the ring cycle-path of the Euganean Hills, on the edge of the Valleys Wild. I think the best way to present the landscape of water is from a boat, the Venetian rowing, cycling by the bank of the river. I’m a lover of cycling and walking, and so of a slow pace of travel in order to discover every little story that the territory has to tell me. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes, said Marcel Proust. For me traveling it means simply getting on my favorite mountain, Mount Fasolo, and its dorsal watch a scene that hides a real history lesson of geology and human history! For me traveling means simply discover the countryside that here has been preserved intact. Traveling also means discovering ancient knowledge as the Venetian rowing and the ancient crafts related to wine and ceramics, all good elements for a sustainable tourism. My itinerary goes to rediscover those aspects such as the environment, culture, art, literature that make a place unique and special. Our bike tour goes through a famous literary landscape made by Venetian villas as Villa Molin and Villa Selvatico-Sartori, impressive castles like the Castle Catajo, ancient river ports as Battaglia Terme. Finally it reach the charming Arquà Petrarca, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy and among the best preserved medieval cities. The itinerary follows the same route that Francesco Petrarca did rom Padua when he moved to his house in the hills. In the centuries following his death, the Euganean Riviera was crossed by numerous writers such as Byron and Shelley who have risen up to Arquà to visit the grave and the residence of the poet. And we will do it ourselves. I invite you to discover with me the proud character of the Euganean Hills, the ancient knowledge and tastes, poems, writings, the names of the great men who have traveled in these lands before us. All raw material for experiential tourism! >>

Read again her itinerary here!

Stefano Zocca, green itinerary in Friuly, Italy

His photographs of mountain goats and of the wild nature of the High Friuli leave us with an uncontrollable desire to leave.


<< I am 53 years old and married with Anna from 25 years, we have four children and I work in the district of a town in the province of Modena. I discovered photography very early (around 14 years), thanks to my father. Thanks to him I also started traveling as a child, and for me the two things (travel and photograph) have always been linked. I believe that I am who I am thanks to these kind of experiences that my father allowed me to live, and I try to do the same with my children. Precisely for this with me in this “adventure” there was Pietro, my third son, 12 years: I wanted that he began to appreciate the mountains and the freedom to move in nature. Of course we started in the areas I know best, the large Eastern Julian, a few kilometers away from the birthplace of my maternal grandparents, Pontebba, the places of my childhood. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, and I think that will remain forever in our memory. >>

Read again his itinerary here!

Special mention

Ivan Nikolic did not win but his bike trip to discover Serbia deserves an honorable mention! Along the wine road we met with him the typical Serbian villages, its landscapes, the charming lake Celije. Read now his itinerary!

Wine and Lake tour, Serbia

Thanks again to all participants and good travel to our winners!


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