Enchanting dog-friendly retreat

Vinogradska 37c, Beretinec, Croatia - 42201 Beretinec - Općina Beretinec - Croatia
Relax in pure nature, while your dog can safely sniff and explore in a spacious fenced yard

We are welcoming you to come to Enchanting hill with your pets. We know that it is not a problem to drive more than 20 hours when you are sure that your fourlegged member of the family will have a safe and wonderful vacation with its beloved human. Here they have 4000m2 of completely fenced yard to sniff and explore. If not enough, there is always a possibility to run in the woods or neighbouiring nature, as we are located under the stars, at the end of a blind street. This album contains only few photos of our furry guests (the others wanted to stay out of the public eye) but we are sure it will grow..

WARNING: Non of our fourlegged guests entered willingly the cars on the end of their vacation (which is the biggest award to us, being aware that they were safe and relaxed here).

stay for your dog(s) + healthy dog snacks GRATIS

stay for your dog(s) + healthy dog snacks GRATIS


Holiday home Enchanting hill

Beretinec (Varaždin county)

Starting from 195,00 €