Eco-friendly holiday for New Year’s Breaks

What do you do on New Year’s Eve...

What do you do on New Year’s Eve? The question that we all hate, but that we continue to do. A question that we almost every time we can’t answer.

We think that we have to have fun more than usual anso so we transform this moment of celebration into a source of stress! But not this time!

Forget about the search for the perfect party, for the restaurant with not overabundant prices, the usual dinner. We of Ecobnb have different solutions for an alternative and less boring New Year’s Eve.

In the snow, you can spend a really unusual night sleeping in a real igloo, surrounded by the magical landscape of Dolomites.

And if you want to spend an alternative night to greet the coming year, but the cold scares you, in Germany you can sleep in an old barrel of 8000 liters among the German vineyard.

If you think that snow is the key element for a perfect winter holiday, you must know that beside ski you have other options of fun, more eco-friendly, cheaper and stress-free.

A close look at the amazing ice sculptures created by nature or following the footprints of wild animals in the snow, surrounded by total silence of a lunar landscape, is certainly more relaxing than a overcrowded ski slope.

Between sled, snowshoes, sledding, horse-drawn carriage or sled dogs, the possibility of crossing the wonderful snowy landscape of the Alps and Apennines are so many.

For the bravest ones, in different place of sea and lake, there is the bath of New Year’s eve: a boost of adrenaline to welcome the new year!

Traveling for New Year's Eve is definitely different and in this way you remove all the stress that this holiday brings! Check all our offers and choose your way to greet the new year!