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Adopt a tourist

Adopt a tourist is an online contest, created and organized by Ecobnb and IT.A.CÀ migrants and travelers, the responsible tourism festival, that wants to promote sharing travel experiences. It all started a few years ago, at a table in a small bar in Bologna. It was the first time that we at Ecobnb met the artistic director of IT.A.CÀ, Pierluigi Musarò and, speaking of sustainability and travel, before a fine organic dish, the idea of ​​Adopt a Tourist was born, an idea that took shape in the following months, among email exchanges and overseas calls: Ecobnb in the warm California, where surfers were walking in flip flops with the board under their arm, and Pierluigi between the skyscrapers of snowy New York.

The heart of this contest is sharing and hospitality, cultural heritage of the Greek "xenia", according to which the host had to welcome the stranger, and the guest, for their part, had to be nice and unobtrusive, ready to reciprocate the hospitality received by welcoming any stranger in need.

In recent years, thanks to the sharing economy, we have learned to share everything, and we appreciated the value of this share. There are those who share their car or bike, who exchanges the objects that they don’t use anymore, those who share experiences, but also those who apply the sharing economy to their holidays, trading house, sharing rides, or offering work in return for hospitality. Especially in the journey, sharing has an added value, we share not only objects but also spaces and knowledge, creating an exchange that enriches both those who welcome and those who are housed.

How does the contest work?

The formula of the contest is very simple. Everyone, hospitality professionals and not, can propose their own idea of ​​hospitality: a dinner made of local products at home, a route on foot or by bicycle in the city or in the countryside, a visit to their farmhouse. The only rule is the eco-sustainability, proposals must respect the environment.

So you can participate in two ways:

1 offering an eco-friendly and creative ​​hospitality that you can realize wherever and whenever it suits you;

2 simply adhering to your favorite proposal as a tourist, and/or vote it through a “Like”.

3 Top Rated hospitality proposals will win 3 wonderful weekend for 2 people

The award is open from February 14 to May 20 2017.

Why "Adopt a Tourist”?

Because sharing experiences, places, stories, food, passions and hobbies makes truly unique and exciting your travel experience. Don’t settle for stereotyped images, things "to do" and places "not to be missed.”

To renew the tradition of hospitality, cultural heritage of Greek xenia, according to which the host had to welcome the stranger and the guest, for its part, had to be kind and unobtrusive, ready to reciprocate the hospitality by welcoming any stranger in need.

Adopt a Tourist Special Offers

Nordic walking on the po river

LOMBARDIA. Nordic Walking along the Great River
for free
nordic walking
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In parma a thread unites us

EMILIA-ROMAGNA. Ivana invites you to stay at her house, few kilometers outside the center of Parma, and to let imagination...
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accommodation + workshop
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Spring hike in the hills of the arno valley

TOSCANA. A day dedicated entirely to the mountains of the Apennines, the one where Arno river flows, the ones...
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Hiking Day with snack for 2
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A tuscan snack at the hidden garden

TOSCANA. A healthy snack under the pergola to enjoy the taste of a chat between friends.
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A tea with leonardo and the melarancio cakes of isabella de medici in the heart of montalbano

TOSCANA. A tea with Leonardo and the Melarancio cakes of Isabella de Medici in the heart of Montalbano, on the...
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itinerary + snack
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Street food tour in palermo

SICILY. "Streat Palermo" is the first street food tour in Palermo for those travelers who want to know the local...
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guided tour + tasting
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Two romantic days in a historic quinta in the footsteps of the poet al mut'hamid

ALGARVE. Anna offers to a couple two romantic days in her historic Quinta to discover the enchanting Silves in...
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accommodation + visit
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Under the city stars

LOMBARDIA. A bucolic weekend in Milan. A gipsy style tent in our lovely garden in the city.
for free
accommodation + happy hour
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A small place. soul romagna

EMILIA-ROMAGNA. Five simple pleasures for the guest to discover the Soul Romagna
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accommodation + meal
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