Salerno travel guide

Sea gulls and... a long silent walk punctuated by rocky cliffs of Amalfi Coast. Unique spectacle of lights and excitement that you cannot match with any other Italian coast. A holiday of traditions and walks, nature and wellness.
Breathtaking view of the coast of Salerno, photo by grazie davvero via Flickr
Breathtaking view of the coast of Salerno, photo by grazie davvero via Flickr

1. Best things to do in Salerno

Salerno preserves the identity of a little medieval city, with the ruins of an ancient castle and its landscape that turns out across the gulf.

Salerno shows tortuous and convoluted narrow streets that can remember the Genoa alleyways. All this medieval castling gives way to an esplanade along the coast of hotels and palaces, lively and majestic.

The old town, crossed by the Via dei Mercanti is very green and full of parks, such as the Garden Minerva and the Pinocchio Park, which is a real home to the children: excellent starting point for hiking, trekking or just walking on the mountains and hills, such as the Castle of Arechis mountain, Mount Stella and the mountains of Jupiters.

Traditional food from the Cilento and Amalfi coast, where the mediterranean diet has been invented.
Traditional food from the Cilento and Amalfi coast, where the mediterranean diet has been invented.

2. Tastes and local foods

The cuisine is varied and rich all above: pies stuffed with escarole and other vegetables, ravioli stuffed with chestnuts and fresh fish.

In the medieval Old Town let’s taste pasta and beans with bacon, warmed in the oven in wood-fired ovens period, the eggplant parmigiana famous throughout the region.

The Tavern Santa Maria de Domno, dug in a Lombard church will be able to offer an atmosphere of real antiquity: ingredients such as barley, chicory, escarole and tasty buffalo mozzarella.

Still on the subject of antique, pastry Pantaleone, was obtained from a deconsecrated chapel and produces cannoli, puffs and breathtaking Montebianco.

In Salerno you cannot forget Neptune Bar, an historic ice cream parlor on the seafront, famous for its pastries stuffed with ice cream and its good rotisserie bell.

The Provincial Wine Cellars Baron company produces an excellent biological Fiano.

Fiano is a biological product obtained from cultures very natural with minimal use of agronomic products and no environmental impact.

The grapes have the characteristic peculiarities of clay and limestone of the Cilento.

Cilento is a mountainous sub-region of Campania in the province of Salerno, in the southern part of the region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
View of the mountains in the Cilento national park, photo by Melanie Bateman via Flickr

3. Amalfi Coast and the surroundings

A trip around Salerno is a journey of discovery of the Amalfi Coast, starting from Amalfi, the "queen" of this undisputed Eden.

Precious stone set close to the sea, Amalfi escapes and is forged from the mountains. The first stop is the Cathedral, which oversees the Gulf from the top of a dense staircase. A timeless, mystical and almost Asian stuff with precious gold foil and the Cloister of Paradise.

The seaside village is all to walk between animated streets. A trip to the Emerald Cave near Conca dei Marini with the wonderful contrast between the white of the houses and the bright colors of the Mediterranean nature will satisfy your eyes and heart.

In Praiano let’s visit the Parish Church of St. Luke overlooking the archipelago of direct Sineruse, to the island of Capri.

For those who love music the famous Ravello Festival cannot be lost. Concerts of classical music in an exceptional setting overlooking the sea.

The Cilento, the heart of the "Campania Felix" offers tours and excursions to the National Park, with its Mediterranean scrub made ​​of broom and rosemary, Mount Cervati and the Grotte di Camerota. Have you ever been there?

Well, Cilento is yet to be discovered, beautiful and pristine, with green plains and fresh, irresistible beaches and temples worthy of a greek island.

Do not miss "Pink Door", greek bow still intact and a gastronomic culture typical of an ancient land and charming.

Cilento National Park, photo by Irene Grassi via Flickr
Cilento National Park, photo by Irene Grassi via Flickr

4. Nature, sport and green itineraries

Not highly recommended to those who suffer from vertigo, the Path of the Gods links Agerola, a village in the hills of the Amalfi Coast, Nocelle, Positano. It is a walk of a stunning beauty, a walk in the clouds, with the distinct feeling of being in an earthly paradise.

Starting from Bomerano fraction of Agerola or from Praiano (but can be reached via a staircase not suitable at all) you can climb through dense bush and unexpected openings to the sea views.

1500 steps divide you from Arienzo with its Caribbean beach. Agerola, the other leg of the trail is very famous for its mozzarella, to eat on the way with a good bite of local bread.

Palinuro, a small charming village, is the starting point for an unmissable tour between coasts, cliffs and beautiful beaches.

You will visit in this trail Camerota and the bay of Cala Fortuna, in a dance of steep slopes, caves and rocks.

For high altitude lovers we suggest the trail that reaches medieval villages of Trentinara, Soprano, Sottano, and Capaccio.

You can start from Castellabate (north of Acciaroli) to reach Saddle Corby (700 meters), and the Stone of Mulaccio, with huge stone monoliths.

From Mount Stella you will go down to San Mauro Cilento with its white figs and chestnuts to collect and cook!

The Amalfi Coast and Capri from the Path of the Gods Praiano. Marite Toledo via Flickr
The Amalfi Coast and Capri from the Path of the Gods Praiano. Marite Toledo via Flickr

5. Where to stay in the city and surrounding

Discover all ecofriendly accommodation in the province of Salerno, from the organic farm surrounded by olive groves, the small B&B with views of the trulli, the beautiful camping and villages overlooking the turquoise sea.

Discover all eco-friendly accommodations in Salerno


Cover photo: Panorama of Salerno, foto di tomfkemp via Flickr