Follow us on a journey between buildings and skyscrapers across the neighborhoods of New York. Among museums, famous monuments and parks, this metropolis hide green corners to be discovered!

1. What to see in New York

buildings seen from the ground
Manhattan - Maëlick via Flickr

New York is the most populous city in the United States, with its impressive urban landscape, made of of high glass buildings and skyscrapers. It stands on the East Coast, at the mouth of the Hudson River, even though most of the territory is located on Long Island and Staten Island. The city is divided into five districts, all to visit! 

Times Square - Pablo Gil via Flickr

Manhattan - Visit the most famous crossroads of the world: Times Square, between Broadway and the Seventh Avenue, with its billboards and neon animmated signs, symbol of the frenzy of this great metropolis. Another symbol of the city is the Empire State Building, a 443m skyscraper: from its terrace you can enjoy New York skyline.

the bridge at night with many lights
Brooklyn Bridge - Jose Maria Cuellar via Flickr

Brooklyn, on Long Island, a charming neighborhood where many cultures meet. Here we speak about 130 different languages ​​and many religions from around the world live together. The district is home for many artists and for museums, art galleries and craft workshops. In the evening many visitors cross the famous Brooklyn Bridge to come to this island to breathe its magical atmosphere. 

the city at night with many buildings and lights
Kolitha de Silva via Flickr

The other districts are: Bronx,on the coast, a wide residential area, home of the New York Yankees, the famous Major League Baseball team, Queens, located on Long Island and home to commercial and residential areas and Staten Island

the famous liberty statue on the island surrounded by the sea
Liberty Statue - ono-sendai via Flickr

In addition to the major islands, there are at least other 40 small islands in the gulf in front of New York. Among these we suggest you a visit to Ellis Island, famous for its history of immigration, and of course Liberty Island, where the famous Statue of Liberty rises, symbol of democracy, which welcomes tourists with its 46m in height.

2. Parks and Green areas

people running in the park
Central Park - Shinya Suzuki via Flickr

 New York is a city full of parks, "green lung" where citizens spend their afternoons jogging, walking and enjoying the sun. Central Park in the district of Manhattan is the best known, an icon of the city and among the most visited places. The park is really wide: you can visit a zoo, a castle, an amphitheater, stroll along artificial lakes or be a spectator of a baseball game at one of several playgrounds. Also worth visiting is the Bryant Park, reading garden of New York Public Library and the Battery Park, where ferries  for Ellis Island and Liberty Island depart.

3. Art and science in New York

Brooklyn - John Sonderman via Flickr

The Big Apple has plenty of museums and art galleries. If you like history and science, do not forget to visit the Brooklyn Museum and the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, the latter hosted on a real aircraft carrier moored in the bay of Manhattan. The American Museum of Natural History is one of the largest natural history museums in the world, from the stone age to space exploration.

the circular central room of the museum seen from the top
Guggenheim Museum - Oriol Lladó via Flickr

If you love art we recommend a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and of course, to the Guggenheim Museum, housed in a building designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, with its typical form of snail shell. Here are hosted masterpieces by artists such as Kandinsky, Klee and Picasso.

4. The "green" side of New York

Did you know that this metropolis, so modern and hectic, is actually one of the 12 most eco-friendly city in the United States? Here are some green spots that you should definetly visit!

View from the High Line - KGSImaging via Flickr

1. High Line - Manhattan, a magnificent example of urban redevelopment of a former industrial space, promoted in 1999 by a group of residents. The High LIne is a park built on a former elevated rail line, the West Side Line, which transported goods from the Meatpacking District through Chelsea from the northern tip of the West Side Yard. The park is home to thousands of different species of flowers and you can enjoy a magnificent view from the top of the city and the Hudson River.

At the greenmarket - Rose Trinh via Flickr

2. Greenmarket - Union Square, which gathers farmers, fishermen and bakers who meet every week to sell their fresh produce. This agricultural market exists since 1976 and every year adds new participants!

colored tulips
Orto botanico - Garrett Ziegler via Flickr

3. Botanical Garden - Queens. Take a walk in this oasis of roses, fragrant herbs and elegant gardens. Since 2001 innovative methods of sustainability in the organization of this green space are experimented, from water management to the integration of urban and natural space and the generation of renewable energy. The park has already received many awards for its green design! 

5. Where to sleep in New York

Manhattan - mariocutroneo via Flickr

A city that mind the environment and ecology, you will certainly find comfortable and cozy eco-friendly solutions for your stay!


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Cover Image: Scott Dexter via Flickr

Author: Anita Cason