A beautiful path in the heart of Valtellina, among vineyards and cultural heritages that tell its history and life
  • Travelling time: 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Why we love it: It's a path, accessible by foot or bike, that allow you to discover not only the green nature of Valtellina but also its villages and their life, that are perfectly in harmony with nature.
  • Length: 20 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 410 m
  • Way to travel: by bike
  • Cost: 0 €
  • Our Advice: For the most trained people, the path continue all the way to the heart of Europe
Map of the itinerary
Map of the itinerary

The Terraced Vineyard Route is a beautiful path along Valtellina, accessible by foot or bike, that connects Morbigeno, near Como Lake, to Tirano, on the border of Switzerland. Today we jump on our bikes to do a short part of this wonderful way, starting from Sondrio and taking you to Chiuro.

We are in the most typical area of Valtellina. From the train station in Sondrio we bike through the streets of the city, we pass the City Hall and we go towards the Piazza Vecchia (Old Square) and until Piazza Quadrivio; from this point we start climbing the Scarpatetti road, in the oldest area of the city, that will bring us to the Terraced Vineyard Route.

And in a second we find ourselves in what looks like a painting. We are surrounded by green fields; the terraced vineyards enchant us. But the Terraced Vineyard Route is an unique and original path; in fact not only does it pass through the natural area of the mountains, but it goes amid the most characteristic villages; it takes us near the artisan shops, it almost compels us to go in the wineries and taste the local food. The itinerary allows us to truly know the life of Valtellina, its rich culture, its heritage and its traditions. 

Terraced Vineyard Route
Terraced Vineyard Route


And so, between vineyards and orchards of apples and others small fruits, we arrive in Ponte in Valtellina, one of the valley’s most beautiful and lively village. While walking through the characteristic streets of cobblestones, we must stop to taste the famous pizzoccheri! But the village deserves even a longer stop: we can stay for one night in the B&B Via Paradiso, a welcoming and eco-friendly bed and breakfast in the ancient heart of the village, perfect starting point for exploring it by foot. In this way, we can also spend a beautiful night at the Astronomical Observatory Giuseppe Piazzi to discover the wonders of the sky.

Pizzoccheri, typical dish of Valtellina, photo by Francesca Castelli via Flickr
Pizzoccheri, typical dish of Valtellina, photo by Francesca Castelli via Flickr



After having breakfast with organic food in our B&B, we’re back on our bikes! We go through the beautiful terrace vineyard until we reach the inner city of Chiuro, our destination and enological heart of Valtellina. Here the wineries are countless, and we can’t miss the opportunity to sip some good wine!

The town of Chiuro
Chiuro, photo by Franco Folini via Flickr

The Terraced Vineyard Route is a path that you must do, one of the greatest symbol of slow itineraries in Italy. Biking among the vineyards, you discover the naturalistic beauty of Valtellina, the life of its inhabitant, its history, even its cultural heritage: churches, works of art, prehistoric sites.

Author: Chiara Marras

Eco-friendly accommodations

B&B Via Paradiso

Sondrio (Lombardia)

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