Montagnana biketour

A biketour you cannot absolutely miss. Start from the historical centre of Montagnana and ride along the suggestive brick walls, then follow Fratta river while listening to the relaxing voice of nature. You will meet charming medieval castles, one of the biggest hanging gardens of Europe and visit the ancient monastery of San Salvaro, together with its ancient tavern, which has alway been renowned as a place of relaxation and socialization. You will be astonished by the beautiful views of the countryside and find peace in the green park of Villa Correr. Ready to go? Let's ride!
  • Travelling time: 6 h

  • Difficulty: Medium

  • Why we love it: You cannot but taste the famous Berico Euganeo DOP Venetian ham, the so called "schizzotto". Enjoy it together with a good glass of wine of the hills in one of the taverns of the historical centre.

  • Length: 44 km

  • Total Elevation Gain: 600 m

  • Way to travel: bicycle

  • Cost: 0

  • Our Advice: April, May, June, July and September are the best for this beautiful itinerary.

To the discovery of Montagnana riding along Fratta river

This biketour starts in Montagnana, where a short briefing is hold in Piazza Duomo in order to testify the good state of the bikes. Then you will ride down Matteotti street admiring part of the historical centre. 

Crossing Rocca degli Alberi or “Castello di Porta Legnago” you will have to continue your route on S.R. 10 for a hundred meters and then you will change it for the less popular one: Borgo Alberi street. Get into the countryside around Montagnana through Saoncella street first and Busi street next until you arrive at Argine Padovano street, which borders with the districts of Montagnana and Bevilacqua.

Continue your ride keeping the south-west direction until you get to the crossroads between Rotta Vecchia and Pizzon street. Now leave the paved road and go for the dirt one inside a forest near the airfield of Montagnana. This will lead you to the link banks of river Fratta.

Il suggestivo borgo di Montagnana con le sue mura, visto dall'alto
The suggestive little town of Montagnana with its brick walls, seen from above, photo via

Bevilacqua castle

Let's ride down the river till you see Bevilacqua castle, where you can visit its magnificent hanging garden (the second biggest one in Europe) and let yourself be fascinated by more than 700 years of history enclosed in its medieval walls.

Il Castello Bevilacqua con il suo giardino pensile.
Bevilacqua Castle and its hanging gardens.

San Salvaro monastery and the ancient tavern

Go on riding on a gravel road along the link side of Fratta river steering towards south. Continue for 5 km and cross the river. This way, you will be able to enter S. Salvaro monastery

Monastero di S.Salvaro
S.Salvaro Monastery, via

Inside the ancient monastery you can visit the Antiche Vie Museum , the Historic Cartography room and the Ancient Tavern. This last one is a faithful reconstruction of an old tavern of the countryside and it is intended as a place of relaxation, relief, sharing and socialization. 

Are you willing to stay immersed in the sunlight and go on with your ride on your beloved bicycle? You can continue your route on the right side of the river, riding along the paved road until you reach the intersection with Zurlara street, where you have to cross the river and proceed on the link bank of it. Soon you will meet again the provincial road 19. Take it following the north direction for about 150 meters and then change it for Argine Vecchio street. Take then Perarolo and Torino street and admire the surrounding countryside.

Discovering Villa Correr

Turn right, take Ferrarina street and then turn left on Altaura street. This way you will arrive at Villa Correr, which is the residence of the family of the same name. It was built in XVII century and today it displays all its splendour. You can decide to stop and visit it or just have a moment of rest in the fresh shade of the trees of the park. Next to the villa there is a church named Santa Margherita Church, which dates back to 1000 even if it looks like a building from the sixteenth century. You can rest just in front of it and at the same time enjoy the calm and tranquillity of the surrounding countryside.

Villa Correr e il suo parco, una delle possibili tappe del bicitour da Montagnana
Villa Correr and its park, one of the stops-over you may make in your biketour from Montagnana, photo via

Between the wonders of   Montagnana

Go back to Montagnana riding along the road to Casale di Scodosia and then taking the SP102 to the north. Reach  Montagnana walls and ride along them in order to admire their majesty. People who follow this biketour are used to do it and then enter the town through Vicenza gate. 

Le possenti mura di Montagnana, viste dal lato sud
The majestic walls of Montagnana, seen from their south side, photo via
Itinerario tra le mura di Montagnana
Itinerary around the walls of Montagnana, photo via

Once arrived in Piazza Duomo your biketour comes to an end, but not your trip in Montagnana. Now you can visit this beautiful town starting from S.Maria Assunta Cathedral where you will admire the painting representing the Transfiguration by Paolo Veronese and other wonderful pictures. You will be astonished by the two frescos in the counter-facade depicting Davide with the head of Golia the giant and Giuditta. Both of them were drawn by Giorgione. The enormous fresco in the apse is called "Assumption of Mary" and was drawn by Buonconsiglio, also named “Marescalco”.

Montagnana, Piazza Duomo, e la facciata del Duomo.
Montagnana, Piazza Duomo and the front of the Cathedral, photo via
Il bellissimo Duomo di Montagnana, esterno, interno e dettaglio.
The beautiful Cathedral of Montagnana, outside, inside and detail, photo via

Now visit S.Zeno Mastio di Ezzelino Castle from where you will fall in love with the sensational view of Montagnana. Or you can also explore Pretorio Palace, Villa Pisani, realised by the architect Andrea Palladio. This will be the perfect way to end a wonderful biking day.

Il castello di S.Zeno Mastio di Ezzelino, tappa del vostro bicitour a Montagnana.
S.Zeno Mastio di Ezzelino Castle and other stopovers of your biketour in Montagnana. Photo via

We cannot but suggest you should taste the famous Berico Euganeo DOP Venetian ham, named also "Prosciutto dolce di Montagnana" or “schizzotto” and a good glass of wine of the hills of the nearbies in one of the "osterie" of the historical centre of Montagnana. Caffe Matteotti (67, Giacomo Matteotti Street) suggests typical local dishes to enjoy while sitting at one of its tables overlooking Porta Legnago.

Il Caffé Matteotti a Montagnana, e alcune specialità tipiche locali.
Caffé Matteotti in Montagnana, and some typical local dishes, photo via

An alternative idea for your biketour around Montagnana

According to your timings and training we suggest you should try also the whole itinerary, which lasts about 6 hours and counts about 44 km besides the final exploration of Montagnana, or you can go back to the town after the visit to San Salvaro monastery, reducing the itinerary to about 2 hours and counting more or less 25 km.

One last piece of advice: the right clothing according to the season and the bicycle touring are necessary as much as the use of a helmet for your safety. 

Montagnana, itinerario lungo le antiche mura in bicicletta
Montagnana, biketour along its ancient walls, photo via

Author: Guido Oliviero, Visit Montagnana, Ermanno,  Fuori Rotta.

Cover photo: Montagnana walls, south side