Loboc, Bohol Trail

A deep green and peaceful river environment where you can cruise and eat in a boat for a special experience
  • Travelling time: 1 hour

  • Difficulty: Family

  • Why we love it: Green Earth and clean river

  • Length: 60 km

  • Total Elevation Gain: 150 m

  • Way to travel: by van

  • Cost: 0 €

  • Our Advice: travel by car or van

Lobo river
Lobo river

My family and I were cruising and dining in a boat with other tourists, and I snap a photo of this river with mini falls and clean waters.

The road

You can be here by car or van for 1 hour travel time or 2 hour walk from the winding road with the tall mahogany trees and thousands of chocolate hills. This is located in Bohol, Philippines.

Chocolate hills

Author: Mario Soriano - prize "Share your Green Adventure"

Cover photo by mauwee88 via Flickr