Lagdei and Lago Santo

The spectacular nature of the lakes located on the slopes of the mountains gives the route a complementary nature and landscape unique.
  • Travelling time: Half a day

  • Difficulty: Medium

  • Why we love it: Scenic and green trail traveling between Lagdei and Lake Santo up to the superb coast of the Ligurian Riviera

  • Length: 10 km

  • Total Elevation Gain: 900 m

  • Way to travel: On foot

  • Cost: 0 €

  • Our Advice: Viable in the spring, summer and autumn

The map of the route between the lakes
The map of the route between the lakes

You can easily park your car in the parking of Lagdei and walk to the baita. The trail starts from the right of the baita and into the woods of beech trees, follow the signs to the lake Santo.

A blanket of fog envelops Lago Santo, Parma. Photos teo_ladodicivideo via Flickr
A blanket of fog envelops Lago Santo, Parma. Photos teo_ladodicivideo via Flickr

It is also possible to reach the mountain Orsaro following the most direct route without going to the lake Santo. But if you prefer to reach the lake, the trek walks up steeply in the beech forest. After you arrive at the lake Santo and going along, you pass the baita Mariotti and you get to the fountain, the only one for the entire route, located almost on the other side of the lake. Start now a beautiful hill in the pine forest until you reach a crossroads. Here are the markers for different trekking routes. We take the path on the right and follow the signs for the hut Braiola and Sella of Orsaro mountain. We pass the Father Lake, covered with thick vegetation and grassy uphill you reach a stony path from where there is a short descent.

The Capanna del Braiola snowy
The Capanna del Braiola snowy

There are many blueberry plants and you can take advantage to taste the fruits. You keep walking until you get to the Braiola hut (1627 m). From here the trail is clearly visible and is back on the right side of Mount Braiola until the Orsaro. You resume the journey and until you reach the Orsaro (1722 m), it passes the score to the Tuscan side, go down for about 100 m and then climb steep up to move to the side from Emilia. Carry on very steep until you reach the summit of Mount Orsaro (1830 m), where there is a small sculpture, stylized, bronze depicting the Madonna with Child.

One of the fantastic scenery from the Apennines Tosco-Emiliano, photo by Julia van Pelt via Flickr
One of the fantastic scenery from the Apennines Tuscan-Emilian, photo by Julia van Pelt via Flickr

Mount Orsaro is trigonometric point and from there you have a fantastic view of the Tuscan-Emilian. It continues on its way down until the nozzle dell'Orsaro then remain on the ridge and down the path with good slope to the summit of Mount Braiola (1819 m). Here is a word of the border in 1828 with a carved crown, which marked the border between the Duchy of Parma and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Go down to the saddle of Braiola (1715 m) and then, still on the ridge, uphill we reach the mountain Marmagna (1851 m). Here there is a large iron cross placed in 1901.

The surreal beech forest that heralds the arrival of the Woods Lake Santo, Parma. Photo by Andrea Ciambra via Flickr
The surreal beech forest that heralds the arrival of the Woods Lake Santo, Parma. Photo by Andrea Ciambra via Flickr

The view is stunning, below you can see perfectly Pontremoli and turn your gaze away you can see the sea of the Gulf of La Spezia and the island Palmaria. From this magnificent vantage point you can enjoy a picnic lunch. It continues on its way down to the pace of the Eagle (1700 m) and always in descent towards the lake Santo. Through the beech forest you get to the lake. Here, along the lake on the right and after passing a stony you get the emissary of the lake from where the "panoramic" path that brings to Lagdei.

An ecofriendly stay near the trek:

Rifugio Lagdei, Corniglio (PR) - Italia

This refuge, at 1,250 meters above sea level, is the ideal stay for hiking, horseback or mountain bike vacations.

The host offers guided hikes and education activities in the beautiful plain of Lagdei, surrounded by forests of beech and conifers. 

Moreover, the restaurant offers excellent traditional menus based on organic and local products, including polenta, mushrooms, and chestnut cake (a typical cake with chestnut flour).

Lagdei Hut, Corniglio, Parma
Lagdei Hut, Corniglio, Parma


Cover photo: Monte Orsaro from Legdei

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