In the heart of the Park of the Adda, a ride on your bike surrounded by lush vegetation
  • Travelling time: 3 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Why we love it: For the show that Adda river offers us, for the canals, for the romantic Lecco
  • Length: 75 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 100 m
  • Way to travel: by bike
  • Cost: 0 €
  • Our Advice: The itinerary has several sections of dirt road, so we recommend the use of a mountain bike

Even the more skeptical will have to change idea: Milan is not as gray as everyone thinks! Behind the concrete, you discover a town increasingly committed to preserving the green areas of the city. If you stop for a few nights at the Ostello Bello or at the Farm l’Aia (see here the other accommodations in Milan) you can discover, even on your bike, the Parco Sempione ("Simplon Park"), the beautiful canals, the famous Duomo and the charming Botanic Garden of Brera.


Vittorio Emanuele II gallery, Milan
Vittorio Emanuele II gallery, Milan, photo by Lorenzoclick via Flickr

But if you come to Milan by bike you can’t visit just the city: in Lombardy there are numerous Italian jewelry. And so today we bring you in Lecco through a wonderful itinerary surrounded by nature, along the Adda river.


A swans family on the bank of the river Adda
The Adda near Fara Gera d'Adda, photo by Ylbert Durishti via Flickr

In Milan, in Via Melchiorre Gioia we head towards the Martesana Canal, on the cycle-path along its right bank. The first town we meet along the path is Vimodrone and from here we continue along Cernusco sul Naviglio and Cassina dei Pecchi. Then we arrive in Gorgonzola (we suggest you visit in September during the festival of blue cheese). We pass Inzago and arrive in Cassano d'Adda. Here, before the river, near the old water mill, we turn left and follow the cycle-path that has dirt roads and other paved. Thus we begin to follow the river that gives us wonderful views and deep gorges. Nature is lush and it creates a natural oasis perfect for a nice ride.


The river, photo by Roberto Venturini via Flickr

Once in Paderno d'Adda we stop to see the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Rocchetta, an ancient small church built on a spur overlooking the river.


Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Rocchetta
Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Rocchetta

We begin to see Lake Garlate, which we reach after passing the towns of Cololziocorte and Olginate. We skirt the lake, passing through Garlate and Pescate. We cross the bridge where we can admire the lake of Como and we arrive in town. Lecco is a romantic city, it’s located on the tip of the right branch of Lake Como, nestled in a valley and surrounded by mountains, it’s a riot of colors.

View of Lecco
View of Lecco, photo by « R☼Wεnα » via Flickr

To admire the whole city we suggest you visit the bell tower of St. Nicholas: from up there the view is breathtaking.


Cover image: the Adda river, photo by Nico Cavallotto via Flickr

Author: Chiara Marras


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