An holiday on your bike among green hills and the great lake of Costance, a journey between spectacular landscape and picturesque villages
  • Travelling time: A week
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Why we love it: Because it's an active holiday, suitable for all, because the cycle-path is surrounded by a wonderful nature and pass through lively towns
  • Length: 260 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: 0 m
  • Way to travel: by bike
  • Cost: 0 €
  • Our Advice: Don't be scared by the length of this itinerary, it's easily customizable and perfect for all bikers

There’s a pearl nestled between three countries, in the heart of the Alps. It’s Lake Costance, the third largest lake of Europe, that crosses the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Today we suggest you an holiday to discover breath-taking landscape and picturesque villages in the famous cycle path round the lake. In a week you can do the whole round of the lake, without getting too tired: the path is always flat and it doesn’t have any particular difficulties, so it’s appropriate even for the less trained bikers, for families and for those who don’t want to tire during the holidays! With few hours of biking every day, you’ll see all the wonders that this lake offers. The path has a good signage and it’s impossibile to get lost! The journey is completely customizable, you can easily choose where to stop, to shorten the path with the boats that link the edges of the lake, and always counting on the great service and accommodations thought specifically for bikers. We have chosen the destination that are a must, so that all you have to do is start the journey!

Lake Constance at sunset
Lake Costance, photo by Thomas Keller via Flickr



Often the starting or arrival point, Constance is a lively college town that has yet kept its old soul: it’s not difficult to find signs of its glorious past. It actually preserves many monuments and corners to discover, such as the historic neighborhood of Niederburg, where there are ancient houses and an old Cathedral which date back to the XIII century. Near Costance, you’ll find the fascinating Reicheanau island, made an Unesco World Heritage Site for its importance in the monastic environment, where you can relax between its beautiful churches, gardens and vineyards.

View of Costance
Costance, photo by Michael Mayer via Flickr


Mainau Island

A few kilometers from Costance, there’s an heaven: it’s the Mainau island. This magical pearl of the lake is also known as flower island because of the extraordinary multiplicity of flowers and plants present in the territory. Here lie rare and secular trees, and you’ll find a wonderful butterfly house.

Mainau island, photo by Doris Meta Franz via Flickr


We’re still in Germany, in Bavaria. Lindau is situated on a small island and it’s connected with the mainland by two bridges. It’s a very picturesque town and it will surprise you with its colours, its liveliness and its elegance. You will visit the whole city in a short time: it expands for a maximum length of 1200m and a maximum width of 600m, but you will fall in love with this town and you won’t easily forget its Markplatz and its inner city.

View of Lindau island
View of Lindau island


A town that you cannot miss in Austria is Bregenz, near the western far end of Lake Costance. A part of the city is in the flatland, between the shore of the lake and the right bank of Rhine river, and the other one on an upland that climbs till the Pfander, the peak that dominates the whole town. The heart of Bregenz is Kornmarktstrasse, the main street. The town is also famous for its summer festival that is set on a floating stage.

Bregenz and one of its spectacular floating stage during the summer festival
Bregenz and one of its spectacular floating stage during the summer festival


The trip round the Lake Constance on bike is one the best active holiday that Europe can offer: it’s suitable for all and is rich of wonders. You will bike among the green hills covered with vineyards and near the intense blue of the lake and you will admire many picturesque villages and their historic and cultural monuments.

Author: Chiara Marras

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