At the foot of the Gentle Giant

A patriarch who is rooted in a territory historically dedicated to the production of chestnuts.
  • Travelling time: 15m

  • Difficulty: Family

  • Why we love it: Because the experience of hug it is unique.

  • Length: 0 km

  • Total Elevation Gain: 80 m

  • Way to travel: By foot

  • Cost: 0

  • Our Advice: Discover also the other wonders of this corner of Calabria

Map of Valli Cupe where you can find a 500years old chestnut with a 8m circumference, the Gentle Giant

The Gentle Giant is a chestnut of about 500 years, more than 8 meters in circumference, a kind inextricably linked to the mountain.

500years old chestnut with a 8m circumference, the Gentle Giant


Its name comes from the fact that, in ancient times, this masterpiece of nature was part of a chestnut that fed local people because the flour produced by grinding the fruits (chestnuts), represented a valid substitute for wheat. Hence the name of "bread tree". Today is an example of rare beauty that is left to contemplate, in all its majesty, by the many tourists who visit this place.

500years old chestnut with a 8m circumference, the Gentle Giant



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