Ceresole Reale is an Alpine Pearl immersed in the nature of the Gran Paradiso National Park, a kingdom of chamois, foxes, eagles, marmots and ibex and an incredible and varied alpine flora.

Two hours from Turin, a few steps from Aosta Valley and France: Ceresole Reale awaits us here, a mountain village that includes an area of ​​almost 10,000 hectares but is home to only 160 inhabitants. At least when there are no tourists, who in every season of the year come to discover the wonder of its lakes, high peaks and always surprising pristine nature.

What to see in Ceresole Reale

Ceresole Reale
Photo via Alpine Pearls

We are at 1600 meters above sea level, in front of us there is the homonymous lake of Ceresole Reale, where beautiful and majestic peaks are reflected. Most of what surrounds us is part of the beautiful Gran Paradiso National Park. The first thing that strikes you is the absolute quiet of the place: is this the true and authentic mountain life? Nature surrounds you and you feel at one with it. Here it is nice to explore, follow the trails, admire the edelweiss and rhododendrons or be breathless in front of the sudden appearances of chamois, ibex, eagles and marmots. The Nivolet Pass is an Alpine pass that can be reached thanks to one of the most spectacular roads in Italy: it starts from Ceresole Reale, and climbs for 18.5 kilometers, up to an altitude of 2612 meters. The view is breathtaking and this truly incredible place is also perfect for those who love stargazing. In fact, it is completely free of light pollution and every night gives an amazing show.

Slow itineraries to experience the mountains

Ceresole Reale in winter
Photo via Alpine Pearls

From Ceresole Reale there are hundreds of paths that lead through dense larch and fir woods to the most beautiful mountain huts and peaks of the park. Among the many, during a stay in the Alpine Pearl you certainly cannot miss the tour of the artificial lake, a walk within everyone's reach that allows you to discover all the environments that follow one another in the area. Also not to be missed are all those paths that take us to high altitudes and allow us to reach the many alpine lakes that dot the area.

Local food and specialties

Flavors of Ceresole Reale
Photo via Alpine Pearls

How not to taste the flavors of the Piedmontese mountain tradition? In the restaurants and huts of Ceresole Reale you can taste the delicious polenta concia, with toma cheese and butter, or the Gran Paradiso soup, a dish based on potatoes, onions or leeks and bread. Among the typical products there are also mushrooms, cheeses, game.

Sports in every seasons

Lake of Ceresole Reale
Photo by Luca Fassio via Alpine Pearls

In winter there are cross-country trails, snow-covered paths to be covered with snowshoes, ice flows for ice climbing; in summer the rock walls of granatic gneiss await climbers, fishing and water sports in the lake, trekking. In addition, Ceresole Reale is a stage of the Great Crossing of the Alps (GTA), one of the most evocative alpine treks that from the sea runs through the Piedmontese valleys to the peaks of the Alps.

How to arrive and move without a car

By train from Turin you get to Pont Canavese from where daily bus trips to Ceresole Reale depart. The town offers various soft mobility solutions: from boats without motor and canoes to navigate the lake to buses, from MTBs for hire to the Nivolet shuttle.

Green stay in Ceresole Reale

Eco-friendly accommodations in Ceresole Reale
Chalet del Lago, hotel in Ceresole Reale

Don't be fooled by the few inhabitants and the small size of the village: in Ceresole Reale there are many eco-sustainable accommodation facilities, demonstrating the community's commitment to respecting the environment. There are mountain refuges, campsites with tents and bungalows or hotels with wellness centers. Here you can choose the perfect option for you and book your holiday!


Cover photo © Luca Fassio via Alpine Pearls

Eco-friendly accommodations

Camping CASA BIANCA ★★★

TO (Piemonte)

Starting from €60.00

Hotel Blanchetti

Torino (Piemonte)

Starting from €80.00

Chalet del Lago

Torino (Piemonte)

Starting from €72.00

Camping Piccolo Paradiso

Torino (Piemonte)

Starting from €60.00

Rifugio Muzio

Torino (Piemonte)

Starting from €40.00