Do you feel like escaping the city and experiencing nature? Try eco-sustainable glamping in Ireland! At Slieve Aughty Centre, not far from Galway, you can discover a world where sustainability and adventure meet. Nestled in the scenic mountains of Slieve Aughty, near Loughrea, in County Galway, Ireland, this organic farm invites you to experience the authentic essence of glamping and discover the beauty of nature. Untouched landscapes, trails to explore on foot or horseback, eco-friendly cabins surrounded by greenery, a restaurant serving organic and local products… These are some of the unique features of this place. Let’s explore them together!

Slieve Aughty Centre, vista dall'alto
Slieve Aughty Centre

The Three Towers Eco-House

Firstly, step into the Three Towers Eco-House and Organic Kitchen! This eco guest house is surrounded by 2000 hectares of untouched nature and perfectly balances modern comfort with an eco-conscious lifestyle. The charming and cozy rooms feature panoramic balconies to admire the landscape. You can rent the rooms individually or the entire house for larger groups.

rooms in the guesthouse
Guest house, room and the landscape


Secondly, for those craving a closer connection with nature, the Slieve Aughty Centre provides a range of glamping options. Each of them offers a unique and sustainable experience.

eco-glamping in ireland

The Chalet de Florence is ideal for families as this eco-lodge accommodates six guests. It features a loft bedroom accessed by a sturdy ladder. With an open floor plan, wood-burning stove, and scenic views, it’s a perfect blend of comfort and adventure.

The Birds and Bees Lodge is a spacious lodge, with a private balcony. It’s perfect for couples seeking a romantic escape. Featuring an open-plan living area, a comfortable double bedroom, and a pull-out sofa, it’s an intimate retreat in the heart of nature.

glamping lodge

The Glamping Cabin offers a unique experience as well. With a double loft room, fold-out sofa bed, and a wet bath with a hot shower, it’s a charming escape for up to three guests.

glamping cabin

The Playground Hut provides a more modest glamping experience with a small double bed, electricity, and a wood-burning stove. Furthermore, for an unconventional adventure, the Tipi offers a seasonal glamping option with a traditional touch.

Last, but not least The Wagon is a fully refurbished antique horse-drawn wagon, complete with bunk beds and a small stove, which offers a cozy and intimate glamping experience.

glamping Ireland

Commitment for the Sustainability

Without a doubt, the Slieve Aughty Centre is committed to sustainability. From its certified organic restaurant to the use of only eco-friendly cleaning agents, every effort is made to reduce the environmental footprint. In addition, guests are welcomed with a reusable water bottle, and Irish organic beauty products by Voya add an extra touch of eco-conscious luxury.

Eco-Friendly Activities in the Slieve Aughty Centre

Moreover, beyond the accommodation, the Slieve Aughty Centre boasts a plethora of facilities and activities to make your stay unforgettable.

Horseback Riding and Equestrian Activities

The adventure begins at their British Horse Society (BHS) Equestrian Center. Here, guests can experience horseback riding, take lessons, or go on horseback riding and cross-country excursions.

Attività a cavallo al Slieve Aughty Centre

Artistic Workshops

Moreover, the Enchanted Forest is a magical space for exploration and imagination, captivating both children and adults alike. It’s just a 10-minute walk from the Slieve Aughty Centre. For those who wish to create something, the Arts and Crafts Room is perfect. It’s a self-service recycled room, an artwork in itself, with plenty of materials to make anything your imagination can dream of.

Organic Garden and Gardening

Orto biologico al Slieve Aughty Centre
Organic Garden at the Slieve Aughty Centre

Guests can explore the property’s Organic Garden: it has been tended for over 35 years and is certified organic by the Irish Organic Association. All vegetables and herbs used at the restaurant come from the garden.

Permaculture and organic gardening courses are offered throughout the year, as well as the opportunity to participate in fruit and vegetable picking. Additionally, families with children can enjoy the dedicated play area, ensuring young guests have their space to play and create precious memories. Visitors can find tranquility in the Library and Workshop Space, providing a peaceful retreat for reading and learning.

Organic Restaurant

Furthermore, for those dreaming of a unique and eco-friendly venue for special occasions here it’s possible as well. The wedding facilities at Three Towers Eco-House & Organic Kitchen provide an intimate setting for weddings and events, with a capacity of up to 80 people.

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Must-See Attractions Nearby

Located in the East of Galway, the Slieve Aughty Centre serves as a gateway to Ireland’s iconic destinations. From the historic Pallas Castle to the vibrant city of Galway and the majestic Cliffs of Moher, guests can embark on day trips promising a perfect blend of eco-friendly adventure and exploration.

Cliffs of Moher and Pallas Castle
Cliffs of Moher, Galway, and Pallas Castle

For travelers seeking a sustainable nature getaway, glamping at the Slieve Aughty Centre is more than just accommodation: it’s a journey towards mindful living and harmony with the environment. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the serenity of Slieve Aughty’s landscapes?

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