Ecobnb has revolutionized the tourism sector through an eco-sustainable perspective. An interview with Silvia Ombellini, in the Italian magazine “Il Punto”, retraces the entire path taken by Silvia and Simone Riccardi to create Ecobnb, the largest community dedicated to sustainable tourism.

The seven questions of the journalist Daniele Saccani to Silvia Ombellini explore how Ecobnb was born and the story of Silvia and Simone. Both architects, their connection with environmental sustainability has led them to deepen themes such as bio-architecture and the use of natural materials. The desire to find sustainable accommodation drove them to devise a platform that would be the meeting point between responsible travelers and hospitality facilities that were investing in a better future.

Thus, in 2011 ViaggiVerdi was born, which after a formative experience in the United States became Ecobnb, a social enterprise with headquarters in Trentino, founded together with Carla Soffritti, and with the help of several collaborators, including David Orban, Chiara Marras, Pietro Boraschi, Nastja Logar, Prerna Prasad and others.

Today humanity stands at a crossroads: we must decide how to save the planet from climate change. This is the challenge of our time.

We can act by doing something important in our small daily choices. From what we put in the shopping cart, to the means of transport we go to work; from what we cook every day, to our holidays. Through small changes, we can achieve significant transformations. This is why the motto of the Ecobnb community is: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” -Gandhi.

Read the full interview and the seven questions to Silvia Ombellini published in the magazine “Il Punto”:

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