Hidden among the majestic peaks of the high Garfagnana, in the province of Lucca, lies a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts: Orecchiella Park. With its 5,218 hectares of breathtaking landscapes, this enchanted place offers an unforgettable experience immersed in the wild beauty of nature.

Located in San Romano in Garfagnana, this natural gem is an integral part of the Tosco-Emilian Apennine National Park.

Unveiling Orecchiella Park: A Hidden Gem in Tuscany
© Vincenzo cattano, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Orecchiella Park welcomes visitors with a comprehensive visitor center, various museum facilities, and enchanting wildlife enclosures that host various local species. But the adventure truly begins when you step into the park and immerse yourself in its intricate trails.

Trails of the Park

Within the reserve, there are 9 freely accessible trails that lead to the discovery of this surprising territory. The so-called “Sunday trails” offer pleasant walks accessible to everyone, including families. They are marked by colored circles indicating the chosen itinerary. You can do them independently or with the assistance of an Environmental Guide.
Among these is, for example, the Wolf Trail. The trail starts from the Visitor Center and leads to the Fontanone, a splendid fountain made of local stone. Through a road initially paved and then dirt, you proceed through a magnificent beech forest, which in autumn offers the most suggestive landscapes. The route continues along an ancient mule track known as the “Buca dei Lupi”. It has been confirmed that these predators have passed through this area. Finally, the trail concludes in a loop with a stop at Rifugio Isera, which offers a magnificent view of the limestone massif of Pania di Corfino.

Then there are the Heron Trails. These hiking itineraries are designed to meet the needs of more experienced walkers. They offer the opportunity to fully experience the authentic essence of the Reserve, offering extraordinary views. Recognizable by the yellow clover on a light blue background, these routes can be tackled either independently or with the valuable assistance of the Environmental Guides of Orecchiella Park.

Where to stay to visit Orecchiella Park

Where to stay to visit Orecchiella Park

The best accommodation option to visit Orecchiella Park and its wonderful surroundings is Antico Podere De Stefani. It is an agricultural company in the heart of Garfagnana. It offers a room and an apartment in the main farmhouse or an independent cottage with a large outdoor pergola. All guests have access to a park equipped with a 12×6 meter swimming pool.

Antico Podere De Stefani is not just a tourist facility but a historic agricultural company, committed to environmental respect. In fact, the heating and hot water of the farmhouse and annexes are obtained exclusively from company biomass. The electricity is 100% certified from renewable sources. The host made all the building recovery interventions by optimizing thermal insulation with the use of recycled materials made in Italy. Here you can experience a secluded and peaceful vacation in the heart of Garfagnana, in a farmhouse easily accessible either on foot or by bike, or via railway and bus.