Why is everyone talking about veganism? In recent years, going vegetarian or vegan has gained significant popularity, and for a good reason. Let us tell you what are the benefits and advantages of leaving animal products out of our diet. It is beneficial not only for your health but also for the environment!

If you’ve never tried the vegan diet, read on to find out where you can do it on your next vacation.

Benefits of Vegan Diet

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The health benefits

First and most important is our health. A plant-based diet is linked to significant health benefits. Emphasizing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes while limiting red and processed meat and dairy. For instance lower risk of chronic diseases, type 2 diabetes, improved weight management, and enhanced overall well-being. A well-balanced vegan diet can also improve heart health among many other benefits. 

The benefits for the planet

If we look further from our own health, there is much more to note. Several studies, including the UN’s Panel on Climate Change, highlight the potential of plant-based diets in reducing carbon footprints and combating climate change. Shifting towards a vegan diet can significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional ones. 

Further on, according to this report, by 2050, meat and dairy farms will account for 80% of the greenhouse gas emissions. Of course only if production remains unregulated. Instead, if there were a global shift to a plant-based diet, it could reduce greenhouse gases caused by food production by 70%, respectively, by 2050. 

If people would only cut out red meat from their diet, that would already help mitigate the problem. Indeed, beef contributes the most global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the study talking about meat production. 

Reducing livestock herds not only curbs emissions but also addresses concerns related to methane, a major contributor to global warming. It is released during enteric fermentation in cattle and when managing animal manure. 

For example, according to one climate change calculator, eating a typical fast-food hamburger (75 gr) daily for a year contributes greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving a car 11,580 km. It equals to crossing the United States about 2.5 times. Comparing that to eating about a third of a can of beans (150 gr) daily for a year, which is equivalent to driving a car 150 km.

infograph on beef and beans
source Physicians Committee

Moreover plant-based diet also requires less water consumption and reduces habitat destruction and loss, which threatens wildlife and plant species. Making even a little change in our everyday lives can get us closer to a more sustainable future.

Where to try it? 

From the vegan farmhouse to the organic and locally sourced farm, from the vegan hotel to the eco-friendly bed & breakfast, in Italy, there are many eco-conscious accommodations where guests can enjoy a menu without meat and dairy. Let’s discover the top 10 experiences not to be missed from the Alps to the southern regions of the Italian boot.

  1. Country House Casa Payer– Torino, Piemonte

Casa Payer is a charming stone farmhouse in the woods, operated on vegan principles. Their life project that they share with guests, offering eco-friendly stays and homemade plant-based cuisine.

Casa Payer, perfect place for a vegan holiday
Country House Casa Payer
  1. Vegan Agrivilla I Pini – Siena, Tuscany

A one-of-a-kind eco-vegan Agrivilla located in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. Specializing in providing a unique experience of serenity and tranquillity along with sustainability and compassion.

Vegan food
Vegan Agrivilla I Pini
  1. Arpa Di Pietra – Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige

Arpa di Pietra is a unique place nestled in two hectares of terraced meadows, at the edge of the forest. Guests can experience nature in the open air and savour it in their strictly organic and locally sourced dishes.

Arpa di Pietra, vegan accommodation in Trentino
Arpa di Pietra
  1. Country Relais Coroncina – Macerata, Marche

An ancient farmhouse transformed into a refined country house and eco-friendly retreat among the gentle hills of Marche. An organic farm that respects the environment, featuring excellent locally sourced ingredients, a vegan menu, SPA, and a pool.

Coroncina, vegan country relais nelle Marche
Colazione a Country Relais Coroncina
  1. Agriturismo Biologico Piccapane – Lecce, Puglia

The organic farm Piccapane is suitable for those who want to enjoy a vacation while respecting the environment in the peaceful Salento countryside. It is just a few steps from the sea and major cultural attractions. Their vegan restaurant offers delicious dishes prepared with 100% organic ingredients produced on-site.

agriturismo biologico piccapane
Agriturismo Biologico Piccapane
  1. Campo di Cielo bioagriturismo vegan – Belluno, Veneto

The agriturismo is a newly constructed zero-emission wood building, featuring a vegan restaurant. They also have a sauna, and bicycles, and it is nestled among the hills of the Province of Belluno at the foothills of the Dolomites.

Campo di Cielo bioagriturismo vegan
Campo di Cielo bioagriturismo vegan
  1. Fattoria San Martino – Siena, Tuscany

The quality of life is the essence of Fattoria San Martino. From sleeping to eating, to the quality of furnishings and garden care, everything is designed to allow the mind and body to rediscover their balance in tranquillity. They offer a 100% vegetarian/vegan restaurant, and the menu includes freshly prepared dishes with locally sourced, organic ingredients, either directly from their garden or from local farmers.

filled eggplant, homemade bread
Fattoria San Martino
  1. Hotel Luxor VEG*** – Rimini, Emilia-Romagna

Hotel Luxor, Naturally Vegan. The special place for your holidays in Romagna: here the cuisine is vegan and natural, healthy and delicious like in the old days, the sea is just a few steps away, and the terrace awaits you for a morning yoga session.

Hotel Luxor VEG***
Hotel Luxor VEG***
  1. Agriturismo La Becerca vegan – Ancona, Marche

A vegan and pet-friendly farmhouse in the heart of the Gola della Rossa di Frasassi Park, an organic vegan farmhouse with panoramic views of the gentle hills of Marche.

Agriturismo La Becerca vegan
Agriturismo La Becerca vegan
  1. Baia Benessere B&B EcoVegan Shiatsu – Roma, Lazio

Not just a bed & breakfast for a good night’s sleep, but a beautiful place just steps away from the Castle of Santa Severa, its beaches, and its sea. Near Rome, for those who love a natural lifestyle, to relax and regenerate in pursuit of well-being. Further initiatives will follow to make Baia Benessere also a cultural center. Moreover, they focus on the promotion and study of veganism and natural hygiene, deep ecology, permaculture, shiatsu, and other practices for vitality and longevity.

Baia Benessere B&B EcoVegan Shiatsu
Baia Benessere B&B EcoVegan Shiatsu

In conclusion, by choosing a vegan diet and supporting eco-conscious accommodations like those mentioned above, you can make a positive impact on your health and the environment. Whether you’re indulging in a vegan feast in Tuscany or finding serenity in an eco-spa in Trentino-Alto Adige, your choices can be both delectable and sustainable. So, consider these benefits of a vegan lifestyle and explore these eco-conscious places to truly savor the beauty of Italy while making a difference.

Cover Photo by Fattoria San Martino

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